Ben Murray Bruce asked to account for 33b Naira Tinapa Project and More.

Ben Murray Bruce asked to account for 33b Naira Tinapa Project and More.

Ben Murray Bruce  33b Naira Tinapa Project
New anti corruption advocate-Ben Murray Bruce.

The 33b Naira Tinapa project Ben Murray Bruce and Gov Akpabio promised.

Ben Murray Bruce has been doing a lot of talking lately and parading himself as the Messiah to Nigeria's problem.Ben Murray Bruce has been talking about corruption,mismanagement,education,power and so on.While Ben Murray Bruce,senator elect, sounded good in his talks,i was always sceptical.For two reasons,one,he was part of the gone Goodluck Jonathan government,all these advice he is suddenly dishing out to Buhari,why didn't he dish it out to Goodluck Jonathan then? How come he now suddenly
became vocal and knew what to do when he never made a single public condemnation when he pal Goodluck Jonathan was in power? The second thing was,was Ben Murray Bruce not the one who was in charge of all the millions Goodluck Jonathan gave to the entertainment industry? What did he do with it? What improvements or tasks has the Nigerian entertainment industry gained? How have the millions been spent? What projects? How many upcoming ,promising artists or film maker have been helped?
Ben Murray Bruce asked to answer to Okrika waterside projects and 33 billion Naira Tinapa Akwa Ibom project.
I must admit i am not to versed when it comes to political matters,but someone who is,is Kayode Ogundami,he has put Ben Murray Bruce to task and asked him a few questions which i think Ben Murray Bruce should answer.After all one of the things Ben himself has been preaching is ACCOUNTABILITY.Well let Ben Murray Bruce be accountable to the projects in Akwa Ibom,the 33billion Naira Tinapa contract and the Okrika waterside project.

So over to you Mr Ben Murray Bruce,you have talked the talk,now let's see you walk the walk!

Ben Murray Bruce senator elect asked about Tinapa projects.
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