Best Moments of Mayweather Pacquiao fight Round by Round in Pictures.

Best Moments of Mayweather Pacquiao fight Round by Round in Pictures.

Best Moments of Mayweather Pacquiao fight round by round.
The Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquaio was billed as the “Fight of the Century.” Here are some of the most memorable moments of the fight brought to you round by round....enjoy.

Jamie Foxx sings the national anthem of the United States of America. IMAGE: AL BELLO/GETTY IMAGES

Round 1.
Mayweather in black and gold trunks, Pacquiao in yellow trunks with red trim. Floyd tags Manny with two rights early. Looks very quick. Mayweather gets inside and clips Pacquiao with a hard right hand and gets out before Pacquiao knows what’s happened. Mayweather looking very quick and sharp early. Pacquiao hasn’t found hs range. Pacquiao doesn’t know how to get inside without exposing himself to Floyd’s accurate and punishing right hand. Floyd making Pacquiao think twice about going inside. Manny getting frustrated already.
Laila's unofficial score: Mayweather 10-9 Pacquiao (Mayweather 10-9 Pacquiao)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the ring before the welterweight unification championship bout. IMAGE: AL BELLO/GETTY IMAGES
Round 2
Manny lunges forward pell-mell but Mayweather sidesteps it easily. Pacquiao starts to corner him but Mayweather bites back wtih two quick chopping left hands. Mayweather wraps Manny up to loud boos from the crowd. Floyd is just so quick. Pacquiao doing a better job of cutting off the ring, marginally. Pacquiao’s feet too slow right now. Now more loud chants of Manny! Manny! as Mayweather moves backward into a corner and Manny follows him in. Mayweather doing damage with that right hand. Pacquiao connects with a hard left at the end of the round, his best punch yet.
Laila’s unofficial score: Mayweather 10-9 Pacquiao (Mayweather 20-18 Pacquiao)

Jamie Foxx poses with the champion's belt after singing the national anthem. IMAGE: ISAAC BREKKEN/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Round 3
Floyd’s right hand is the story. He’s controlling the fight with it. Fighting brilliantly. Pacquiao rushed Mayweather into a corner but Floyd wraps him up again, looking stronger when he does it. Pacquiao not throwing enough punches. Referee Kenny Bayless warns Mayweather for holding Pacquiao’s head down. Manny doing better work here, winning an exchange near the end of the round. But not enough.
Laila’s unofficial score: Mayweather 10-9 Pacquiao (Mayweather 30-27 Pacquiao)

Round 4
Can Manny Pacquiao get past Floyd Mayweather’s right hand is the fight within the fight. Floyd misses with a vicious right cross thrown with bad intentions. Pacquiao connects with a straight left that knocks Mayweather back! Mayweather might be hurt! Pacquiao unloads a lightning-fast combination on Mayweather reeling against the ropes, a few of which connect through his turtle shell defense. Mayweather nods his head when he emerges, but he looks like he was hurt. Pacquiao getting to Floyd this round! When Mayweather gets too defensive, it opens up opportunities for Pacquiao. And just when it looked like we were settling into another Floyd Mayweather clinic, we’ve got ourselves a fight.
Laila’s unofficial score: Mayweather 9-10 Pacquiao (Mayweather 39-37 Pacquiao)

Round 5
Mayweather looking noticeably slower than he did in the opening rounds but still connecting with right hands and doing a much better job of staying off the ropes. Mayweather holds Manny behind the head again. No warning from Bayless. Jabbing, defending, keeping away from Pacquiao. After a very active fourth round, Pacquiao has been quiet this round. And it thusly goes to Floyd.
Laila’s unofficial score: Mayweather 10-9 Pacquiao (Mayweather 49-46 Pacquiao)

Round 6 

Pacquiao tries to pick up the pace immediately after the bell but isn’t cutting off the ring very well and his swings at air. Mayweather hurt with a left cross! He’s backed against the ropes and Pacquiao throws more two-handed combinations to the head and body at lightning speed. Mayweather nods his head as if it say he’s not hurt, but no question Manny touched him there. An easy round to score for Pacquiao.
Laila’s unofficial score: Mayweather 9-10 Pacquiao (Mayweather 58-56 Pacquiao)
Round 7

Mayweather touching up Manny here, showing against he’s having his best moments when acting as the aggressor. Mayweather holds again, no warning. Floyd connects with a right hook. Another left from Pacquiao opens a cut on Mayweather’s lip. That’s blood. Floyd dictating with his jab and boxing beautifully but Manny taking the fight when he sees an opportunity. Very close round, maybe an even round but I’ll give to Pacquiao.
Laila’s unofficial score: Mayweather 9-10 Pacquiao (Mayweather 67-66 Pacquiao)
Round 8

A two-punch combo for Manny connects but he can’t follow up. Pacquiao starting to counter Mayweather’s right, but then he walks into a straight right. Mayweather’s reach increasingly becoming the defining trait of the fight. Floyd rebounds nicely, mixing up playing the aggressor and counterpunching. Lot of close rounds here. Scorecards will be interesting. I’ll give it to Floyd.

Before the fight; Ringwalks

Round 9

Pacquiao’s head movement has slowed and that could be a problem. Mayweather on his bicycle and Manny chasing him around the ring. Not much has happeend in first 90 seconds. Chants of Manny! Manny! as Mayweather lands a right counter. Pacquiao gets Floyd up against the ropes and squares him up but Mayweather escapes out the back door before Manny can open fire. “Walk him down champ!” screams a Money Team member in crowd. Pacquiao gets Mayweather up against the ropes near the end of the round and throws a combination that might not have hurt Floyd but looked good enough to score. Still, Floyd doing just enough to win the rounds.
Laila’s unofficial score: Mayweather 10-9 Pacquiao (Mayweather 87-84 Pacquiao)

Round 10

Pacquiao walks Mayweather into a corner and opens fire but the punches disappear into Mayweather’s artful defense. Manny just can’t get away from that right hand. A hard left lands for Manny but it seems like he’s tiring here. Floyd throwing some heavy punches here but missing. Manny coming straight in, a very linear attack. Tailor-made for Floyd. I have it seven rounds to three for Pacquiao which means a draw is out of the cards and it’s time for Pacquiao to go for broke.
Laila’s unofficial score: Mayweather 10-9 Pacquiao (Mayweather 97-93 Pacquiao)

Round 11
Floyd strikes very early in the round with a hard two-punch combination upstairs. Mayweather has found a second wind, pot-shotting beautifully here. Pacquiao slowing but doing enough with aggression to make it close. Too much waiting for Manny. A quick left jab in the final seconds snaps Pacquiao’s head back. Manny getting outboxed. How quickly that became the most one-sided round of the fight.
Laila’s unofficial score: Mayweather 10-9 Pacquiao (Mayweather 107-102 Pacquiao)

Round 12

Manny not throwing enough because he was afraid of getting caught. When you’re getting hit you don’t throw. Pacquiao not giving up, still going for it. Floyd moving backward. Pacquiao will win the final round on aggression but it won’t be enough. Nervous energy in crowd, who seem to know what’s coming.

Laila’s unofficial score: Mayweather 9-10 Pacquiao (Mayweather 116-112 Pacquiao)

Floyd "Money " Mayweather wins

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Manny Pacquiao

Mayweather wins a unanimous decision. Judges turn in scores of 118-110, 116-112 and 116-112 
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