Ejigbo Pepper Update,Victim Recounts Terrible experience-Warning,It's disturbing.

Ejigbo Pepper Update,Victim Recounts Terrible experience-Warning,It's disturbing.

Ejigbo Pepper torture
Some of the suspects 
Ejigbo Pepper torture Update.
Some of you might recall the Ejigbo Pepper case.It was when a group of women were arrested by some Ejigbo vigilantes for supposedly stealing pepper and being punished in ways that are too dehumanising to mention here. The victims were stripped naked and beaten.Talking about it now even disgusts me.What kind of animals do we have running around? I remember seeing the video and could not watch it for 2 mins..It was too degrading ,sick,sad and all the terrible names you can think about! I swear if i was in the position
to do so,people like these will be locked away for life! And i mean that.I think what they did to these women is worse than r.ape!

Anyway,the case is in court now and one of the victims recounted her experience.I must warn you,it is pretty disturbing....

One of the victims of the Ejigbo pepper sodomy, Mrs Ajoke Agomo, has narrated how she and her daughters were beaten and how pepper mixed with dry gin was rubbed all over their body parts by OPC members & some Ejigbo market leaders over allegations that they stole in the market sometime in 2013.

Speaking at the resumed hearing of the case at the Ikeja High Court yesterday May 21st, Mrs Agomo said an OPC member had stormed her home in search of her daughter, alleging that she stole at the market place.

"I told him that I did not know Nike’s whereabouts and he started searching the house. Later, he sighted my daughter coming in through the gate. This made him to slap my face. As he was dragging my daughter away with another man named Tinrin, I rushed to tell my husband what has happened. When my husband and I got to the market place they had already stripped my daughter and my step daughter (Julie). They then took hold of me and proceeded to strip me and rubbed pepper all over my face and body parts. The Baba Oloja and others mixed pepper with gin before rubbing the mixture into our private parts and stirring the place with a stick. They then beat us mercilessly with pankere (cane). We were all pleading with them but they did not listen. After some time, Baba Oloja asked my husband to bring N150,000 which we could not produce as we didn’t have. We then begged him and he collected N20,000 from us”. "she said
According to Mrs Agomo, the Baba Oloja and some market leaders convienced their landlord to throw her and her family out of where they were living.
"I sought refuge at a mechanic’s workshop and it was during this process that my baby, Janet, who I was nursing, died. But I am not blaming anyone for her death. I accepted that it is the will of God,” she said.
The next hearing on the case comes up July 14th.

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