(FAAN)What are we gonna do about these tyrants dressed in Nigeria Forces Uniforms?

(FAAN)What are we gonna do about these tyrants dressed in Nigeria Forces Uniforms?

Airforce men beat airport staff into a coma.
As news of another Nigerian is beaten to a point of death by men in Nigerian forces,i ask,what are we gonna do about some these tyrants dressed in Nigerian forces Uniforms?It is really sad when a few men bring dishonour to the sacred uniform.

see pics of badly beaten Shuaibu after the cut...

As they were attempting to do so, Shuaibu, in his FAAN uniform approached the men and pleaded on his friend's behalf for the officers not to take down his number plate. An argument ensued between the officers and Shuaibu. And then Shuaibu was attacked.
An official of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, Mohammed Shuaibu was beaten until he fell into a coma by two unidentified Nigerian Air Force officers in charge of traffic at the departure section of the terminal wing of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos yesterday May 18th.

According to Vanguard, the badly beaten Shuaibu who works at the protocol and passages section of FAAN, had told his friend to pick him up at the airport but when his friend got to the airport, the Air Force officers decided to take off his number plate for reasons yet unknown.

Murtala Muhammed Airport,where a FAAN staff was beaten into a coma by men of the Nigerian Airforce.

Shuaibu was beaten by the officers until blood was gushing out of his nostrils. He was rushed to the Airport Hospital where he is yet to regain consciousness. An official of FAAN who spoke anonymously said "Shuaibu begged them and introduced himself as a FAAN staff, but they seemed not to care. By the time other people arrived the scene, Shuaibu had collapsed and blood was flowing from different parts of his body. We first moved him to FAAN clinic, where they said his heart beat was slowing down and he was finding it difficult to breathe. So we have to rush him to the airport hospital.” 

Shuaibu,the FAAN staff beaten into a coma by men of the Nigerian Air force.

source the vanguard
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