Government release N5 billion fund to buy stoves for rural women.

Government release N5 billion fund to buy stoves for rural women.

Government release funds for stoves to Rural women.
Government release N5 billion for Rural women stoves.
Another government magic.You can bet your last fuel a few number of women will get this so called stoves.How do you tell how many women really got theirs?
The Federal government has released N5billion for the purchase of stoves for rural women across the country, under the National Clean Cooking Scheme, a programme launched by FG to discourage the use of Firewood for cooking.

It's a very good move,as 98,000 Nigerian women are said to die from inhaling firewood smoke every year! That's incredible and i didn't realise that,my worry is how many of these

women that these stoves are supposed to be designated to will get them?The next thing yoi will see is these stoves in the market being sold by officials.
According to WHO,over 98,000 Nigerian women die yearly from inhaling firewood smoke!
Announcing the release of the funds, Minister of Environment, Laurientia Mallam, speaking during an inspection visit to the Velodrome at the National Stadium, Abuja, where some of the 750,000 stoves were being assembled, said the stoves will be distributed through the various Ministries of Environment.


According to The Nation, she said the contractor, Messrs Integra Renewable Energy Services Limited has been given N1.3 billion from the N5 billion released by the Federal Government for the purchase of the stoves. President Jonathan is to inaugurate the programme today.
“We started in the northern parts of the country because of the challenges we are facing there with the desert encroaching into the country and people still cut down trees. Now, the President wants it to spread throughout the country and so we have this project. The ministry has received N5 billion so far. You know when N9.2 billion was approved by the Federal Government last year, we told Nigerians that N9.2 billion has been approved by the Federal Government. But so far, N5 billion has been released to the ministry. We have given the contractor 15 per cent, which is N1.3 billion. That is what we have released to the contractor and we still have N3.7 billion in the ministry’s account.”she said

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