How can Patience Jonathan Possibly have 12 operations in 1 month?

How can Patience Jonathan Possibly have 12 operations in 1 month?

This people must think we are stupid! Imagine our first lady,Patience Jonathan ,saying she had 12 operations in one year? It's the most ludicrous thing i have heard from the lady,and there has been a few!
I may not be a doctor,but i have had an operation before and i know how long it takes the body to recover from one operation.My mum also had a couple of operations,and i remember how long it took her to get moving about.So there are 31 days in a month,is
Patience Jonathan telling us she had an operation every three days? This woman is something else,i am in stitches writing this....I am surprised how her team don't ask her before she speaks that,Dear Mama Peace,what are you gonna say today? So they can check it.

And to cap it all,she was gonna go through another operation,of course all caused by the great devil,then she was miraculously healed! This is better than a Nollywood script,i swear!
Anyway,i'm not gonna spoil your fun much below Mama Peace's great testimony as given in a thanks giving service.

The First Lady, has revealed she was flown abroad for surgery during the election campaign period.She also thanked God for making her leave Aso Rock hale and Hearty,emphasizing she never thought she would be a First Lady.Speaking at the Farewell and Thanksgiving service at Aso Villa yesterday,Sunday,she said
“During the   last campaign period, the devil struck   again. I was in pain and was rushed to the hospital in January and the doctors told me, ‘mama, you have to go for a major operation now now.’
“What again? I asked. The campaign was still going on and I wondered how we were going to explain to Nigerians.You know that even when you go for medical check-up, they will be writing in newspapers, saying all sorts of things.I said my husband will continue with his campaign until the last day. That was how I went in for the first major operation (surgery) in the end of January.

“By God’s grace, I went for the operation (surgery) and came out. On my return from there,   I went straight to the campaign ground.They said to me when I was leaving the hospital: ‘mama, there is another bigger operation that you have to go in for again. This one will not be in this hospital. This hospital is too small for the type of operation you need when you come back. You have to go to a bigger hospital.’
“I said ‘ha! while   will you tear   my body again after I had done 12   operations within one month last year?
I said my God will see me through because he created me for a purpose. I told my prayer partner to continue praying for me. I said to myself that I will never be used   for a sacrifice.I was booked for the operation in a bigger hospital and I was asked to go back to Nigeria and return after the campaign. They gave me a date. When I went back, I paid for everything and just when I was   to be taken into the theatre, the doctors   said, ‘let’s check her again.’

“By then, my husband had lost the election. I had packed out of the Villa. Behold! I went to four hospitals again and the thing was said to have vanished. My doctors were surprised; they didn’t believe that that could happen.”“I thank God for keeping me alive today. God is so wonderful. Just two years ago, I went through operations upon operations. Within one month, I passed through 12 operations.
“Some people said I was dead, yes, I was dead but God resurrected me.God told me, ‘my daughter, go back, I will give you a second chance, go and finish your work.’
“And since my husband lost the election, I believe God has made me to finish the work.”
“I never thought in my life that I will be First Lady. I never dreamt of being the wife of a deputy governor because my husband was not a politician. But God made it possible and God lifted us up from deputy governorship position and here we are.
“We should be grateful to God for what he has done. To me and my family, we praise God.To our followers, today, it might not be too good but I want them to be grateful to God because they have followed us for a long time from deputy governor, governor, Vice President to President.You know that no position is for a life- time. There is no permanent thing so I want you to take it in good faith that it is the will of God. You should be praising God. God is really wonderful.”
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