Kashamu says I am innocent of Drug Charges and Won't go to the US

Kashamu says I am innocent of Drug Charges and Won't go to the US

Senator-elect and Ogun PDP Chieftain, Buruji Kashamu has said he is innocent of the drug charges claim everyone is talking about and said he has been vindicated by a law court in London who found him innocent. He says the people screaming about the alleged charges are people who have a thing or two against him, and he will be more than glad if they follow the due process of going to court, so that he can take it up from there. Going to the US right now is like jumping into a fire, Kashamu said in an interview with Sahara Reporters. More after the cut...

“I am a Nigerian. I am not running away from my fatherland. If anyone thinks he has a case against me, he should follow due process and we will take it up from there. I am not under any obligation to go to the US to answer the same charges after the true judgment of the British court has exonerated me of the same allegations.

“Asking me to take the next available flight to the US so as to clear my name is like asking me to jump in a fire-may the Almighty rescue me from it. If the US prosecutor could hide important evidence that later exonerated me in the UK court, only God knows what they will do in their country.

Buruji Kashamu believes Obasanjo is behind his drug woes.
“I have done a lot of things to clear my name. I spent four years in detention at the hands of the US authorities to prove my innocence before I was eventually exonerated. This was also in the presence of the US prosecutors and other agencies in various countries, like the Republic of Benin, Nigeria. It was after a rigorous trial with pictorial and documentary evidence that I was discharged.”

Kashamu further explained that the case was taken to London and he was acquitted.

“I have cleared my name and myself in London. If anybody believes that they have any other case against me, they should come through due process. I am ready to challenge it. I am ready to face it without any problem.

“I have never in my life put my foot into the United States. I have never demanded for their sticker. I have been a businessman right from 18 years old. Up till today, I continue doing my business. My last submission is that I know nothing about what they are saying over there,” he said.
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