Lauryn Hill explains why Lagos concert was cancelled.

Lauryn Hill explains why Lagos concert was cancelled.

Singer Lauryn Hill was supposed to host a concert tonight 'Lauryn Hill Live in Concert' at the Eko Hotel. Unfortunately, she couldn't make it and has on her Facebook page explained why.

 According to her, from her end, she and her crew did everything they were supposed to do, including waiting at the airport for many hours, ready to fly out and share the evening with Nigerians. Unfortunately, after much effort, the promoter was not able to get all of their travel arrangements taken care of. After the cut is a photo of her crew at the airport.

No wonder there were problems with the flight.How many people is Lauryn Hill travelling with? How is the promoter gonna pay for all these people's ticket and still make a profit? They better be fans posing with the crew!

The promoters also released a statement saying:
Due to Ms Lauryn Hill’s flight issues, the organizers of May Day Live and Ms Lauryn Hill management have concluded to postpone the show. A new date will be communicated soon. All Tickets bought will be used for the new concert date. Meanwhile a party will still hold today at Eko Hotel starting from 7pm, feel free to come and party as no tickets are required. The organizers of May Day Live apologize for any inconvenience.

So guys if you are free,you better head over to Eko Hotel for a free party! 
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