Meet Menswear Dog,Shiba Inu Bodhi who earns $15k a month Modelling!

Meet Menswear Dog,Shiba Inu Bodhi who earns $15k a month Modelling!

Meet Menswear modelling Dog,

Meet Menswear dog, Shiba Inu Bodhi, the most stylish dog in New York, Menswear reportedly makes about $15k a month modeling for giant fashion labels including Coach. He also has a collection for Menswear Daily, and is the author of its own book.

There is a Yoruba proverb that goes,A man is yet to find time to sleep,while a dog happily snores away! How else do you explain this? A dog earns $15k a month? This life can be so unreal at times.That menswear dog really looks cute though,i have seen men who don't look this cute in clothes,lol.

On his instagram and tumblr pages, Shiba transform cuteness to cool, and playful to haute couture. His social media pages were initially opened by its owner for fun where she

dressed him up in her husband's outfits...but by the time over 190,000 fans started following the page, fashion labels began contacting the owner to put their clothes on the dog as a form of ad. The page has now gone viral.

Although not its original intention, Menswear dog instagram page now teaches fashion lessons like tips for the modern fashionable male using Shibu's style. See more cute pics of the dog after the cut..

Shiba Inu pictures are really cracking me up,Menswear dog is a real G.
How cute is this?Menswear dog on your street!
Shiba Inu Bodhi,David Beckham eat your heart out! 

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