STOP this Madness pls,as 40 day Old Mother treks to Meet Buhari From Minna.

STOP this Madness pls,as 40 day Old Mother treks to Meet Buhari From Minna.

Alice Daniel with her 40 day old child as she sets of to trek to Abuja from Minna to see Buhaari.
Stop the trekking now as 40 day old mother treks from Minna to Abuja for Buhari!
This is now becoming a sort of madness as yet another person treks for one of our leaders.This madness started with the man who trekked from Lagos to see President elect Buhari in Abuja.The news spread that he received all kinds of rewards and stayed in a 5 star hotel,plus he met Buhari on his arrival.The way Nigerians think as well,they definitely assume this man got all sorts of financial rewards,which he probably did.Well
,that opened the flood gates,we have since them had men,women,old men,even a disabled man walk,trek or cycle to meet one political office holder from one end of the country to another!
Funnily,i didn't see no one trekking in protest for the missing Chibok girls or any of the many worthy causes they could choose to do it for.

So now after the crazies of the lot of the trekkers has emerged,i mean how else will you describe a woman who is 40 days old a mother deciding to trek for hundreds of miles to go see Buhari? For what??? Can you imagine the dangers she is exposing her child and herself to?

Now why do you think all these trekkers or walkers or whatever you choose to call them embark on these their trekking journeys? Its very simple,poverty,joblessness,desperation,hunger,idleness.These peoples situation is so bad that they are willing to risk anything to better their lives! And can you blame them? No i can't. After all a hungry man is a desperate man.Also an angry man.
So while i am fed up and tired of yet another trekker,we even have those trekking for loser to commiserate with them,can you imagine? So as i was saying,while i am fed up with all these trekkers,i really hope the incoming Buhari administration provides jobs for the citizens of Nigeria and give them back their pride,so that in future if any one ever decides to trek for whatever,you know they are doing it for the right reasons and not as a desperate act to feed their empty and rumbling stomachs.

He started this craze,the man who trekked from lagos to Abuja,now we have a woman trekking to Abuja with a 40 day old baby!
The 35 year old nursing mother, Mrs. Alice Daniel, is now on her way from Minna to Abuja with her 40 day old baby as she treks for Buhari..
Mrs. Alice, a mother of five,told Newsline,she vowed to Trek if Buhari won the presidential elections..She said her decision was fueled after her husband, Abdulwasiu informed her that he had a dream that President Goodluck Jonathan was going to lose the presidential election to Gen.Buhari.

She said she told her husband that it would not be possible for an incumbent president to lose the election to an opposition candidate, adding that even if he won, he would not be declared winner as was the case in the 2007 and 2011. At the time, she said, she was heavily pregnant and due for the labour ward.
She promised that if Gen. Buhari won the election and was declared winner she would trek from Minna to Abuja to personally congratulate him for the victory.

Mrs. Alice Daniel,the 40 day old mother trekking from Minna to Abuja for Buhari, told Newsline that there were efforts by her husband, mother and some family members as well as friends to stop her, but that her mind was made up to fulfill the promise she had made to herself.
She took off on the foot journey at about 6:00am on Sunday, from Chanchaga bridge, and while sharing the experience of her mission so far, she said it was fun and that some motorists who were ignorant of her mission offered to assist her but she declined, while others gave her money.

When asked of the health hazard of her mission on her and her newly born baby girl, considering the fact that she gave birth just barely 40 days ago, she expressed optimism that nothing would happen to her and her child and that the only thing she looked forward to was for her to accomplish her mission.

She said if she reached Abuja she will head straight to Gen. Buhari’s campaign office where she hoped to be led to the president-elect.

Mrs. Alice said she intends to walk between 6:00am to 5:00pm daily and rest at intervals.

I pray Alice and her daughter are okay,shame on the husband as well who allowed her to put their 40 day old child's life at risk.They probably thought after so many trekkers,the child was their triumph card and joker.Very sad affair indeed.

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