The Dangers of the Annoying Trekking for Politicians taking over Nigeria!

The Dangers of the Annoying Trekking for Politicians taking over Nigeria!

Chidera Joy Agu is trekking from Enugu to Abuja on a UNITY WALK.
All these Nigerian Trekkers,walkers ,joggers or whatever they wanna call their selves are starting to get annoying and even irritating.We all know why you folks are trekking ,walking and lobbying.On one hand i can understand and even feel sorry for them,because the system has failed them! If they had jobs and good livelihoods,they will not pack up their jobs and decide to go walkies for weeks,not in Nigeria! 

I mean in a country where some government worker are working all hours,leaving home at
5-6 am in the morning,getting back home at night and still not getting paid enough or on time! With all this,who in their right mind will have a job and say,emm Oga,i wont be coming to work for the next 3 weeks,i am trekking for Lagabaja to Abuja? That will be the end of the job that he spent 3 years or more looking for!

Since the first man who walked from Lagos to Abuja in honor of Buhari,we have had all sorts,man who trekked to Abuja from all corners of Nigeria.
We even had one a couple of days ago who is trekking to Abuja with a 40 day old baby!! What is going on here people??? All these people are jobless and i don't blame them thinking some politician will give them a few dollars if they can do some trekking.

Chidera Joy Agu,the girl trekking from Enugu to Abuja
Now there is a pretty young lady,Chidera Joy Agu, who is trekking to Abuja from Enugu.Chidera has been trekking for 11 days now and hopes to trek all the way to Abuja!  Now Nigeria is not a safe place where one lady will become a one man shhow trekking from place to place,what if something happens to her? What if  she is attacked? I only hope she has sensibly said to herself,i won't be travelling from this time to that time.But even at that,where does she sleep at night,where does she rest? Who does she know in all these strange towns and cities she will be passing through?
I really hope Buhari's government will provide any jobs for our youths and save them from all these danger and belittling their lives and honoring some group of men who deserve nothing as such.

Chidera,with some of the people she has met on her UNITYWALK to Abuja from Enugu.
There's nothing wrong in trekking or any other form of awareness or charity,but it should be done for the right reasons and right causes,not citizens and youths of our nation like Chidera Joy Agu endangering their lives to survive. Funnily,i like Chidera's theme,she says she is not trekking or walking for any of the parties but for the unity of Nigeria.She has named her walk the #UNITYWALK. That's a nice touch,i like that. 

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