Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The weakest link's Anne Robinson's shocking surgery new look!

Anne Robinson facelift shocker!
Oh my God! You would never recognise Anne Robinson with her new look,the mean host of popular TV show, Weakest Link. She looks very different these day. The 70 year old multimillionaire presenter looked like a different person as she showed off her new look in
London yesterday.Anne had in the past been rumoured to have had surgery cos of her often dramatic changes in her looks.But this time,it leaves no doubt whatsoever that she has gone under the knife and had plastic surgery.
Does she look good? Is she the weakest link? I must say she looks rather good and looks nothing like a 70 year old.

Who's that girl?
showing off her new look.

 The way we were,the familiar old face below..

Anne Robinson..the weakest link.

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