Things Fall apart for Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo after Twitter fight!

Things Fall apart for Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo after Twitter fight!

Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo relationship.
Who would have thought it? Everyone's favourite Ghanaian Gollywood stars, are having a public fight! And who is to blame for this? Our Governments as usual.Becuase if the governemnet had made sure there was stable electricity in Ghana,John and Yvonne would not be having this fight! lol...
How did it all start?

There was recently staged a protest over the epileptic power supply in Ghana.The Actress was one of the celebrities that championed that cause. Well, turns out Yvonne expected her bestie Dumelo to lend his voice as well but was shocked instead

when he chose to ask Ghanaians to be patient with their president.

An obviously irritated Yvonne replied her friend by calling him an ass kisser and in a new vlog published yesterday, told the world Dumelo had stopped taking her calls. John later replied only for Yvonne to slam him in new tweets calling him a coward seeking attention.

It has gotten so bad that she deleted all Dumelo's pictures on her instagram page! On hearing this John called her childish and asked why she does she not go ahead and block him like she blocks all the fans who express their minds? Ouch! John further called her a back stabber and says he does not need friends like that..really messy this is.
See some texts below... 

In a vlog, Yvonne posted she said:

 "John came to my house a few days ago when I tweeted about him “Kissing ass” and we all laughed over it, had a fun time together and I even cooked and he ate. My mum was at home. Two days after that, I called John Dumelo he did not pick up. And I called him the next day he did not pick up….errrm John did not support my campaign, John hasn’t spoken to me ever since he left my house and I don’t know why. 
John if you are watching, I think you are just been childish come on now …come on now. I still have your stuff in my house, your two shirts are in my house. No! They are in my car so meet me and come for it".

John later on today took to twitter to reply Yvonne:

 And Yvonne immediately replied him:

Are these two lovers? I think they are,sounds like they are having a lovers tiff,they will kiss and make up later..but i must admit,i am shocked.

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