AbdulSalam&Obasanjo join Buhari in AU Summit,But WHY?

AbdulSalam&Obasanjo join Buhari in AU Summit,But WHY?

Buhari,AbdulSalam and Obasanjo spotted at the 2015 African Union summit South Africa.

President Buhari,Buhari,AbdulSalam Abubakar and Olusegun Obasanjo,all former heads of State of Nigeria were spotted at the ongoing African Union Summit in South Africa.Just makes me wonder what those old men were doing there.Buhari has an excuse,he is the President of Nigeria,but isn't it time Obasanjo and Abdul Salam leave Nigerian and African matters to the young ones? Must these men always stick in the corridors of power till they pass on? Haba! Africans i tire..When are the young ones gonna be given a chance to inject fresh ideas into the continent? The irony is ,all these old men weere heads of state of Nigeria in their 30's .

Maybe Abubakar was slightly older,yet they refuse to give the younger ones a chance.I am a Buhari
fan,and i can understand him being in power now,cos we need a man like him to try and fix all the damage.But,the point is,if these old men had laid the foundation and allowed the younger ones to come through a natural progression,we won't need them to come and fix our problems or restore Nigeria.
It's just like a father who ahs a thriving business,refuses to show his children how its run or give them a chance in his prime...at his old age he will always have to come out of his bed to sort problems out!
Wake up Nigeria,wake up Africa!


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