Diddy arrested for Kettlebell assault on Sal Alosi!

Diddy arrested for Kettlebell assault on Sal Alosi!

P Diddy arrested and led away in handcuffs

Diddy arrested for Sal Alosi 4

Diddy under arrest.
P Diddy was arrested and held in a campus jail today after assaulting coach Sal Alosi of his son Justin's University football team with a kettlebell weight, termed as a dangerous weapon! Sources claimed Diddy swung the kettlebell weight at coach Sal Alosi and it could have killed him if it had connected! Ouch ! That is heavy,Diddy could be in
serious trouble here!P Diddy arrested in handcuffs and led away by Los Angeles police.

P Diddy arrested after kettleball incident

The altercation took place at the UCLA athletic facility early Monday afternoon.

We're told Campus Police took the music mogul into custody early Monday afternoon. Diddy's son, Justin Combs, is a defensive back on the team. We're told the fight went down at the UCLA athletic facility. One source says an assistant coach was screaming at Justin on the field during a strength and conditioning session. We're told the coach "was riding Justin, screaming intensely at him."P Diddy watched the whole thing from the sideline.
This is a kettlebell weight that Diddy is alleged to have attacked a football coach with at UCLA.

P Diddy real name Sean Combs we are told attacked coach Sal Alosi in his office and grabbed him attacking him while he was on the phone.Sources claim Diddy is insisting that he was only acting in self defence and although holding a kettlebell weight,he didn't use it but held it in a defensive position.

Diddy and son Justin Combs.

Diddy insists the drama began during a workout session yesterday because strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi was "riding Justin badly" and told him not to come back until the end of the summer. 
Diddy went to the campus today to speak with Alosi -- believing he has an "issue" with Justin Combs -- but things didn't go well when he arrived to campus.
The coach Sal Alosi said he was disappointed with events but would let the legal process take its course.Even if the coach was riding his son Justin like Diddy believed,it is the wrong approach to go attack the coach in such a way.What kind of example is he setting for his kid? If you can't have your way,attack or use force? P Diddy is probably used to yes men most of his life..No one has ever said no to him over the last 20 years,so when he comes across someone who has the audacity to say No,he goes into a rage!

P diddy mugshot
Mugshot when Diddy was arrested for a shooting in club while with girl friend J Lo.

At the very least,this assault will cost him thousands.He will be very lucky if he is not jailed and be very happy to pay for a settlement! I am sure as we sure speaking,the lawyers are busy now trying to work something out.
Coach Sal Alosi attacked by P Diddy with kettlebell.

Art imitating life Diddy arrested in Hawaii five o..
Diddy arrested for assault with a deadly weapon ain't no joke for .It's a felony!

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