Fani Kayode & the ridiculous people who believe Sai Buhari suicide Bomber story!

Fani Kayode & the ridiculous people who believe Sai Buhari suicide Bomber story!

Fani Kayode & the ridiculous people who believe Sai Buhari suicide Bomber story!
Femi Fani Kayode,an interesting man....

Femi Fani Kayode's reaction to suicide bomber story.

Femi Fani Kayode and the ridiculous Nigerians believing the Sai Buhari suicide Bomber story!
Some of you must have heard the story about the suicide bomber who blew up himself and killed up to 17 people in Maiduguri.
Now in a country where every thing is believable,i am not surprised some people have eaten up this story,especially the anti Buhari's. I remember a story not long ago of a woman who by looking at her ,you could see she had obvious mental illness.But to some Nigerian's,she was a witch who was flying around and got burnt by live electricity lines in the air.Some even swore to have seen it happen.So this woman had the powers of witch craft and could fly,but could not see the electric live wires she flew into.Enough of that.
Now Femi Fani Kayode is a man i like.I don't like his politics,because even though i am quite
sure,he knows right from wrong,he does not always toe the right line.That is why one second he is telling us how terrible Goodluck Jonathan and his government is,and the next he has joined the same party and Goodluck Jonathan is the best president Nigeria ever had.But then again,most of these Nigerian politicians are like that.These men ain't loyal,like that famous song says.

Now back to the Sai Buhari suicide bomber.So these suicide bomber apparently blew up himself and 17 people or more,also severely injuring many.Now who reported the news? Who were the eye witnesses? Because trust me if you have ever been miles away from a bomb and you heard the impact of the will know that a bomb that killed 17 people or more is not a child play.That is a big impact and even bigger explosion! If you were near enough to hear the suicide bomber shout Sai Buhari,trust me ,you will be a dead man or woman! Except,they wanna tell me this man was screaming Sai Buahri for about 5 minutes,walking past people for hundreds of yards before he finally blew himself up! That story sucks and does not add up!

Fani Kayode & the ridiculous people who believe Sai Buhari suicide Bomber story! 1
Apparently,suicide bombers love President Buhari.
Now for someone like Femi Fani Kayode, who is obviously a very smart man,to even think about endorsing that story,and not only that posting it on his facebook and saying it speaks volume is disappointing.You have lost the election,we know you wanted the other party to win,but hey life goes on,in another 4 years,you and your party have the chance to change the scenario.But in the meantime,why do all you can to destabilize the current government,spread and endorse lies? If Nigeria is peaceful,thriving and a place to be,does that not benefit everybody? And i am sorry not only Femi Fani Kayode is guilty of this,they all are.I am sure if PDP had won,some APC big wigs will be doing the same thing,it just proves one thing,these men have no interest of Nigeria at heart.They wanna be in power so they can get their money,and if they are not,those in power then will be sabotaged and made to fail! It is a trend that must stop..but will it? No,because it is just our way.

Another ridiculous story that i saw,was a girl who said she had just been walked out of a boutique by Buhari's daughter with the aid of 4 policemen..Funny thing is she posted the picture at 3.30 am in the morning,she probably didn't think of the tell tale time at the bottom of her tweet.In this day and age with people taking pictures of everything,this girl could not have gone out of the salon and taken a picture of the police van's outside boutique as proof.No..she didn't do any of that,and some Nigerian's still sucked this up screaming,is this the change that APC promised? The whole thing is just comical,anybody who knows a thing about Buhari will know his children can never behave like that,when you hear some stories,stop for a minute to analize the situation and not just eat it up simply cos you don't like who it relates to.

Femi Fani Kayode,i hope you are never near a suicide bomber who screams anything when he blows up his victims,like the saying goes,it is not the motor cycle driver  that was hit by  a trailer who will take down the Trailer's number plate! the way,i've just found out today that Femi Fani Kayode has blocked me on his twitter...hahahahahah
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