Fasting Ramadan and Exercise.

Fasting Ramadan and Exercise.
We are going to be looking at Fasting Ramadan and Exercise for muslims..
Ramadan is a month of abstinence(not just from food or sex), introspection and a time to capitalise on every precious moment, as the heavenly reward for acts of worship are multiplied. 
For those who struggle with fasting, then perhaps it’s best to postpone your gym
membership for a month. However, if one day you feel fresh, alert and energetic, go for it! (Just don’t overdo it.) Doing some light exercise when fasting is a good thing – it helps to keep the system working and blood circulating. These fitness tips would help you feel energized even while fasting.
Fasting Ramadan and Exercise.

  • Do keep workouts short, about 30 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes.
  • Do light cardiovascular exercises – walking or cycling – to help burn calories and improve stamina, full body stretching to improve flexibility and detoxification, or mat exercises such as an abs workout and push-ups.
  • Do drink plenty of water between the hours of iftar and suhur. Drink water with sea salt or coconut water to increase the electrolytes in your body, which are essential for heart, nerve and muscle functions.
  • Do not do high intensity exercises like sprinting, stepper or heavy weight lifting (go for lighter than you would normally push) as it can cause joint or muscle injuries and also lead to complications such as low blood pressure, hypoglycaemia and dizziness.
  • Do not continue training if you feel weak, dizzy or sick. Although you are training, lowering your usual exercise intensity is essential to staying fit and healthy.
  • Do not eat lots of fried and fatty foods as it will counteract the good work you do at the gym. 

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