Iman Model Stuns at 60 with incredible pictures for Vanity Fair Italia!

Iman Model Stuns at 60 with incredible pictures for Vanity Fair Italia!

Iman model,or to put it betetr,the original supermodel has turned 60!
And to mark the mile stone ,Iman has done a Photoshoot for Vanity fair Italia.The pictures as you will expect are beautiful.But still for a 60 year old the pictures are amazing!
The Somali-American model, actress and entrepreneur, who is married to rockstar David
Bowie, let people into her secret to flawlessness at this age; 
Wow! Model Iman at 60!

"I go to the gym, I am attentive to the diet. And I'm not complaining of the extra pounds, at least a couple, because they act as a natural botox. When women get older the first place you see it is the face that becomes too thin, worn out, tired. And then they go to get botox, but for me the best remedy is a bit 'overweight'." she told the magazine

Iman and David Bowie have been married since 1992 and still going strong.One of the strongest surviving marriages in the show biz world of chop and change.
Imam has also had her fair share of controversy.She has been followed with rumours of skin whitening .Iman has also been a strong advocate against female circumcision haven been a victim herself in Africa.As usual you can't survive for so long in hollywood without the talk of plastic surgery coming up.There has been talk that Iman has had her share,but even if she did,she looks normal and graceful with it.

Iman and David Bowie have a teenage daughter,Alexandria Zahra Jones together.She has another child from a previous association.As you all know,Iman got her exotic good looks from her background.She is Somalian..though now she is also American.She Left Somali as a teenager to seek fame and fortune in the modelling world in the 70s.According to her,it was a huge risk cos there were no women of color in the modelling world.But she was fearless and followed her dream.
Now she is a successful mother of two,happily married and with her own cosmetics line,Iman Cosmetics.

Iman's rumoured net worth is said to be $30! Not bad for a skinny girl from Somali,Africa eh?

Happy Birthday Iman!

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