Lagos State Police had 37 Riffles when i took Over-Fashola!

Lagos State Police had 37 Riffles when i took Over-Fashola!

Fashola reveals terrible state of security in Lagos when he took over.

Lagos state police command.
I am not in the least surprised about this revelation at all.In fact i don't think most Nigerians are.We all have heard stories of people calling the Police and they telling you,"buy fuel for car" and so many ridiculous things like that.We should be thankful that Gov Fashola came along,because as he rightly said,there was a period where there were almost bank raids daily
in Lagos State.

Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) revealed when he took over power,the Police Rapid Response Squad had only 37 rifles..Speaking during a programme on Channels Television titled “View from the top,”Fashola said 

Babatunde Fashola and deputy IG of Police.

“We need to provide equipment and resource for security personnel. If they do not have equipment and resource, they will not be able to do their work. One of the things I found out at the security town hall meeting was that the Rapid Response Squad that was responsible for responding to violent crimes, had only 37 rifles at the time. 
“And that was the period when we had bank robberies almost every day of the week. People forget that now. We had robberies and carjacking and what we used to see was that police would respond after the robbers had gone.
“So, during my first meeting with them, I asked them why they arrived at crime scenes late and we learnt there were no vehicles, no fuel supply and more importantly, they did not have enough guns. Most of the guns were at the police stations and the RRS of almost 2,000 personnel had only 37 guns.”

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