Liz Anjorin Marry musician Jhybo Morgan Secretly!

Liz Anjorin Marry musician Jhybo Morgan Secretly!

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There have been some unconfirmed reports that Yoruba actress Liz Anjorin has secretly married hip hop musican Jhybo Morgan.

Reports coming in says Liz Anjorin and Jhybo Morgan(Jibo Morgan) got married on the 16th of June.I have
no idea though why she has decided to keep this secret if they are truly married.You would have thought being in the limelight she would celebrate the special day with all her friends in the industry and her fans.This Liz Anjorin marriage or wedding if real is indeed a surprise.

The only other explanation there might be is,the pictures were taken for a musical video or film.But since the two are rumoured to have been long time lovers,its easy to come to the conclusion of marriage.
Liz Anjorin took to social media where she shared a photo  with a message to congratulate herself. She wrote “Thank God, At Last”. But that could also mean thank God for finishing a long movie. I'm just playing the devils advocate here,so i won't be shocked if it turns out she was not really married.

Most of her colleagues and friends who were not invited to the wedding have been sharing the wedding pictures Liz posted,they also expressed their shock  and also wished her a “Happy Married Life”. 

The unconfirmed story has since been generating series of controversies and doubt in the industry. 

It was only recently that Yoruba actress, Liz Anjorin was engulfed in a controversy with a London big boy.She was said to have been dating the married man,who denied the claim.Let's hope Liz Anjorin now getting married will put an end to her name being linked to scandals like this.

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