Nigerian Movies star Ramsey Noah in How Media almost destroyed his Home!

Nigerian Movies star Ramsey Noah in How Media almost destroyed his Home!

 and his family...

Ramsey Noah,in Nollywood latest news, has revealed  he avoids the press like a plaque.He says they almost destroyed his marriage..Speaking to Vanguard,when asked what set of people he avoids most,he said 
It is the Press! I might just say hello to a girl and the next thing is, Ramsey Noah
is toasting one girl. The media almost destroyed my marriage. But thank God they failed and my marriage is 14 years now blessed with four children. I told my wife to keep away from the press, let me handle them. If they don’t see you, there will be nothing to say about you. Because of that, I have stopped appearing at public functions with my family.
On how to deal with the press..

The best way to deal with the press is to ignore them. Whenever they start telling lies about you, just ignore them. The greatest mistake you’ll make is to respond to scandals. When you ignore them, the stories die off with time.

in one of his popular Nollywood Movies.
On what being a celebrity has done to him..
It has prevented me from enjoying quality private time with my family.
If he could change anything..
Get back my private life.

It's kind of funny when i hear celebrities speak.They all crave to be famous starting out.They are ready to give an arm and a leg and try everything possible to be famous.The moment they get famous,they want their private lives back.Well,i am sorry guys,you can't have it both ways,if you don't wanna get well,don't go to the sea side to play! Aspiring Nigerian Movies been warned. 

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