Patrick Obahiagbon and Wizkid in the Funniest Video Ever!

Patrick Obahiagbon and Wizkid in the Funniest Video Ever!

Patrick Obahiagbon grammar.The man that kills the English language and any human in the vicinity!
This is one of the funniest video's you will ever see.I can't control myself from laughter,iv'e been trying to write this post but laughter won't let me.Anyway here goes,Mr Oyibo,Mr Grammaticolotalifatumization himself,i actually could not remember his last name.So i typed into Google "the man that speaks big grammar Patrick",and it came up! Amazing.
wizkid the starboy

So somebody put up a new post of his that i hadn't seen before.And once again Patrick Obahiagbon was
firing missiles that i had to duck for cover!

Patrick Obahiagbon wondering where he left his tailor's number.
I am surprised Boko Haram are still around with all the big weapon Patrick possesses.But it's not only the big grammar that got me this time.It was the meme.The comedy reaction they put together so cleverly.So when Obahiagbon finished with his grammar,some guy asked Wizkid to pls explain what he had just said.To which Wizkid replied "i can't explain" And the second time around,Wizkid lamented,this world is not so difficult for you to speak such grammar.But you won't get it..You have to watch the video below..and it will crack you up!

So ladies and gentlemen,i leave you with Patrick Obahiagbon and Wizkid!
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