Female assault in Nigeria as Society still sees Victims as Guilty ones.

Female assault in Nigeria as Society still sees Victims as Guilty ones.

This is a typical case and clear indication that rape victims still suffer in Nigeria and society is not doing enough to protect rape victims in the country.
Many girls and women are raped in Nigeria who are automatically assumed to be the guilty party.The percentage of reported cases by victims are so low that you do wonder if rape happens in Nigeria at all,but it does and it happens everyday in the
neighbourhoods,schools,public places,universities and even parties.

I remember when i was a kid growing up in Lagos,we knew of cases of girls getting raped virtually every week!The girls could not say anything because even their families will physically beat them up saying they must have been wayward in the first place to be involved in such an act.Another popular misconception was,the girl had wanted sex ,if for instance she had been raped in a house.The question was always"what did you go do at a man's place"?

The rape law in Nigeria at that time probably didn't help as well.There was hardly any investigation or medical tests carried out.Once it has been established that you knew the rapist and went to his house voluntarily,the accused always had the benefit of doubt and was set free.

The families of victims as well,could do without the stigma attached to being a rape victim.Who is going to wanna marry a girl who had been raped with the whole neighbourhood being in on the secret? The girl must definitely be an Asewo or loose girl.

Foluke Daramola,the Yoruba actress was the 1st celebrity that i know of who bravely spoke publicly about her rape ordeal.

That's why i was greatly impressed when a famous celebrity in Nigerian Movies,Yoruba actress Foluke Daramola opened talked about her rape ordeal.

This kind of move will encourage women to speak out and realise that the shame of being raped or the fault does not lie with the victim ,but with the rapists.It will also deter rapists,cos they will realise that it is not something they can get away with so easily anymore.

So many Nigerian girls have been raped in Nigerian Universities and Nigerian schools,with the rapists getting away scot free and boasting to their friends.These rapes are usually carried out in groups.If we are honest,how many times have we heard that a girl was carted away and raped in a Nigerian University or neighbourhood just because the guys felt the girl thought she was too beautiful,too pompous or had refused their advances?

The crazy thing about all this is,some people actually think its justified and the girls needed to be thought a lesson.

This is one of the few causes of rape in Nigeria.There are many more,it's a power thing,they want to take that precious gift you are holding back and won't release.We have heard of work mates or bosses at work organizing for a girl to be raped to teach her a lesson! So many cases.
The young men need to be educated.They need to be told in so many ways that rape in society is barbaric,inhumane ,wrong and will not be tolerated.The Nigerian rape law needs to be effective and policemen need to know that it's none of their business why a girl went to a man's place or what she was wearing! The important thing is,was she raped?Was the sex with consent? 

The rape under Nigerian law  has been greatly improved.Now if you are found guilty of rape in Nigeria,you are liable to life imprisonment! Maybe life is a bit too steep,i know i sound contradictory now.But i believe in rehabilitation.10 years in jail without parole will be a fair term i think.If is rape with grievous bodily harm and intent or the victim as a result of rape suffering a life threatening injury or in some cases die as a result,then yes life imprisonment should definitely come in!
Women's rights Nigeria and all over Africa and the world must be protected.A woman is not a tool that you can pick up anytime it suits you to use and abuse.Young men must be taught this right from a very young age at schools and by their parents.

A man who rapes a woman at a young age would very likely go on to do it again in future and abuse his own wife when he gets married.The abuse may pass on to his children and just becomes a vicious circle.

We all have to participate in making sure that rape cases in Nigeria are very few and far between.

Habeeb Adisa 25,charged for Adenike 's rape.
I never planned on writing this rape article this morning,but i was reading about a girl who was raped in Lagos,by three boys who were her friends.One of the guys had asked her out many times and she said know politely,but they had remained friends as they all lived in the same neighbourhood.

One day,she went to the apartment of one of the boys,they jumped on her,she struggled,screamed for help,the guys did not stop,they turned up the music loud to drown out her screams and raped her in turns!

The boys were (two of them)25,and 27 years old.The girl Adenike was 19 years old.
The boys pleased with what they ahd done,casually told her to keep this a secret among the four of them and just regard it as a sexual encounter! Can you believe that?

Anyway Adenike after speaking to some people decided to go to the police in iju,and report the case.

The parents of the accused rapists were all land lords in the neighbourhood,they ganged up with other landlords in the area and threatened Adenike and her mother who obviously were not so well off.

Adenike and her mother ignored their threats and the three boys Habeeb Adisa,Kehinde Aderinoye and Ilyas Ogundimu were charged to court for rape!

Now the part that freaked me out in this case was,the neighbourhood then got together and begged Adenike and her mum to drop the case! And that is exactly my point that these people need to be educated.They don't see rape as a seriously bad thing.They don't think of the damage and the trauma on the victim.They beg the victim to let go like it was a slap that was administered and not a violation of rape!

Adenike could so easily have succumbed to the threats or caved in to the appeal not to press charges and these three boys would have been free to do this again.They probably done it before many times in the past anyway.

Say No to rape in Nigeria,Africa and everywhere.

I hope rape victims in Nigeria lessens and in the unfortunate instances when it does happen,they get justice.

P.S Adenike is not the real name of the rape victim.

By Ayaba Olori

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