Toke Makinwa IS hottest Naija Gist as Husband impregnates GIRL FRIEND!

Toke Makinwa IS hottest Naija Gist as Husband impregnates GIRL FRIEND!

Toke Makinwa's husband Maje Ayida impregnates ex girl friend is the unfortunate trending Naija Gist right now!
Media personality, Toke Makinwa‘s husband, Maje Ayida, has reportedly impregnated his ex-girlfriend, Anita Solomon.

Toke and Maje had dated for many years before they finally got married.But apparently this girl her husband Maje Ayida,got pregnant was an ex he had also been seeing for years.The gist is he left her for Toke and got married.The actual scenario is he must have been dating both ladies at the same time!
The ex named Anita is reportedly in the UK to have the baby, while Ayida is said to have broken the news to Toke and asked for her forgiveness.

The last thing Toke would have wanted is to be the latest news in Nigeria trending in this manner.Toke is known for her vlogs where she advises about relationships and some people are claiming how come she did not see this coming.While she also got a lot of support from others saying it was not her that cheated and got another lady pregnant!
So far there has not been a statement from Toke or husband Ayida.

Toke normally is not shy from voicing her opinions publicly,but i guess this time it is different when it is public opinion and your private life is all over twitter and the hottest Nigeria breaking news!
Another angle of the matter is people commenting that Toke was too busy with her career to care for her husband.But surely the husband knew what his wife's profession was before he married her didn't he? So why humiliate the poor girl publicly and let her be the trending Naija Gist?The irony of all this is Toke herself has not gotten pregnant yet since her wedding,and the side chick is having a baby before her! Life eh?

I really feel for Toke right now,and i hope she is strong enough to get through this.Most of all i hope all parties,Toke her husband  Maje Ayida and the pregnant ex girl friend work this out amicably,reducing the hurt and pain as much as they can.
Below is reactions on twitter regarding Toke's husband getting an ex girl friend pregnant.

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