What has happened to Mocheddah Nigeria's Beyonce?

What has happened to Mocheddah Nigeria's Beyonce?

MoCheddah?She was supposed to have been Nigeria's Beyonce.She had the market cornered.She was young beautiful and had all those teenage boys as well as some "agbayas" lusting after her.Young ladies also related to her.They
wanted to dress like Mocheddah and look like her.
She also had some big hits,notably "Ko ma Roll" and "won nberi"

Won Nberi..or are they still?
And then as suddenly as she appeared,the 24 year old disappeared! Some say her biggest mistake was leaving Knighthouse,her record label.Some say it was her taking a break that was too long which saw Tiwa Savage and Chidinma jumped on her space and claim that Naija Queen title..Some say it was a combination of all those things!
It's somewhat sad to see Mocheddah now adays posting pictures on social media to stay relevant.That's all i keep seeing pictures and pictures and pictures! 

Time for a big come back girl...

She had the Cheddar,can she get it back?
But surely she has enough cheddar and talent to still rise up..All she needs is the right song and be ready to work hard.I don't buy all these Tiwa Savage and Chidinma stuff,if you are good enough,there is room for everyone.After all,we have hundreds of male Naija stars!

Mocheddah,star quality.
Mocheddah,wherever you are,if you reading this,i hope to see you on my screens soon..and hear you blasting away in the car,airwaves and clubs like you used to when we used to "Beri" for you..in the mean time..Ko ma roll.

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