Why did Senator Saraki Visit Atiku publicly after his Senate Victory?

Why did Senator Saraki Visit Atiku publicly after his Senate Victory?

Senator Saraki Visits Atiku
Saraki pays Atiku courtesy visit after his victory.

The 1 million dollar question is,why did Senator Bukola Saraki visit Atiku Abubakar immediately after his senate presidency victory?

Let's check the facts,APC had made it known to their members that Senator Ahmed Lawan, will be the sole candidate of the party for the senate presidency.That man was not Senator Bukola Saraki.Saraki obviously had his eyes on the presidency and was not happy about this.There was even talk of Saraki haven snubbed a truce meeting to be chaired by VP Yemi Osinbajo.Senator Saraki later came out to deny this.

Saraki then teams up with PDP members who back him and he gets appointed as the new senate
president without the approval of his own party.We all know Senator Saraki and Atiku Abubakar were strong members of the PDP before they left.Obviously,both men still have their contacts in the party.Saraki would not have chosen to go pay homage to Atiku if he had not played a big part in his appointment as the senate President.Even a blind man can see that.
It looks like less than a month into their assumption of the throne as the ruling party,APC are facing in house conflicts already. How is Bola Tinubu gonna feel knowing Atiku has backed Senator Saraki when the party had issued directives that only one candidate would be laid down?
Both men could have met secretly and quietly acknowledged each other,NO,they chose to do it publicly,it's a slap in the face to those who had told Saraki to step down ...They were sending a message that,you don't tell us what to do and we will go for what we want.

They have obviously disregarded Bola Tinubu and his leadership.The president,Muhammadu Buhari on his part has said,even though he would have preferred the wishes of the party to have been followed,he is ready to work with anyone appointed.
Some are even suggesting,the president himself had enough clout to make a call to the Northern leaders not to back Saraki..it's looking all messy.
Interestingly,Bola Tinubu has not come out with a statement yet,which is very unlike him.It would be interesting to see what he comes out with.

Bola Tinubu,can the centre hold or are things falling apart?

2019 promises to be even more interesting,because you can bet the last fuel in your generator,Atiku has his eyes on the main price in 4 years time! My guess is,both men had a pact,i will back you for the senate presidency,and you will back me for the presidency of Nigeria in 4 years time.

If Bola Tinubu thought now that they are the ruling party,things will be easier and smoother than fighting as the opposition,well,he is clearly wrong.As the saying goes,uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.
Welcome to Nigerian politics folks.

Queen Olofofo.

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