Why Buhari cannot negotiate with Boko Haram

Why Buhari cannot negotiate with Boko Haram

boko haram negotiations  

Why Buhari cannot negotiate with Boko Haram
I cannot understand why all these people,Buhari included think they can negotiate with Boko Haram.There people are mad people,you cannot hold a rational conversation with them.

Senate president,Bukola Saraki has joined the list of people who think Nigeria and Buhari should negotiate with Boko Hara,.but i don't see the point.It's a pointless move.Parties you negotiate with are parties who are fighting for a just cause,you have something they want and they have something you want.What are we gonna offer Boko Haram?
When two parties negotiate,both parties end up with something and they make a
compromise.What are you going to offer Boko Haram if you negotiate with them?
They clearly are not interested in money,so you cannot buy them or pay them off,so what are you gonna offer them?

Saraki urges Boko Haram to negotiate with Buhari and stop killings!

In a statement released by Bukola Saraki's media office on Sunday July 5th, Saraki condemned the killing of 6 at the Redeemed church in Yobe by Boko Haram today...His statement reads
My heart is with individuals and families who were directly or indirectly affected by this ungodly, sadistic and evil act,Sending Nigerians to their untimely grave can never be the solution to any religious, political or economic grievances.Besides, the Federal Government has demonstrated enough political will to engage any group in dialogue aimed at bringing these vicious and sad attacks to a final stop.
The recent position of the Federal Government that it would not oppose negotiation with the insurgents ‘if the Boko Haram terrorist group opt for it’ ought to be seen as an olive branch extended to the sect by the present administration. And I urge them to take advantage of that opportunity to drop their weapons.“I urge Nigerians not to give in to fear or be discouraged as a result of these renewed attacks as the Senate and the National Assembly under my leadership will maximally support President Muhammadu Buhari in his determination to retool and motivate the Armed Forces to decisively prosecute the war against terrorism”, the Senate President said. 

boko haram negotiations 2
Saraki and Buhari.
And it's the last paragraph of Saraki's statement i agree with,Nigeria's armed forces must be re tuned and motivated in the fight against these evil terrorists.
The dream of negotiation just will not happen!

In essence what you are asking for is for them to see sense and see reason to give up their acts of terrorism,and that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!
It won't happen for so many reasons.One of those reasons is power.These guys have tasted power and they love the taste of it.It makes them feel important.Makes them feel like somebody.So when you ask them to stop,what do they now resort to? Go back to becoming ordinary Sule and Ahmed's?It's not going to happen.I'm not sure if these guys really believe in their cause or they have an ulterior motive.If they truly believe what they are doing is for God,they are not gonna stop either.

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The animals called Boko Haram.
To negotiate, they will ask for something in return,And frankly i cannot see anything that Boko Haram wants that Nigeria or Buhari can give them.So it's a stalemate!

There should be no Boko Haram negotiations or negotiating,these things are animals and they should and must be hunted down like wild animals and extinguished!  That's the only solution for Buhari and Nigeria.But have we got the unity and intelligence to cut through these people and destroy their organization? Only time will tell for President Buhari and his government.

Wale Morad for Naija Blog Queen.

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