Alhaji Gay Tunji Alaso death causes Yahoo boys celebration in Nigeria !

Alhaji Gay Tunji Alaso death causes Yahoo boys celebration in Nigeria !

Alhaji Gay Tunji Alaso killed

Alhaji Gay death.
This must be one of the weirdest happenings in Nigeria.Apparently a popular hotelier named Alhaji gay was an informant for the EFCC in Nigeria against internet fraudsters known as Yahoo boys or Yahoo Yahoo.Alhaji Gay real name Tunji Alaso was stabbed to death this morning in his car on his way to his house around Moshalasi bus stop, in Kollington Alagbado area. Until his death, Alhaji Gay was a very powerful man who was feared by all. His boys are said to have hit the streets vouching that they will bring down the killers of their boss, but at the moment, soldiers have been deployed to his two hotels and trying to restore peace.
A picture of Alhaji Gay's dead body has been trending online,but i have chosen not to use it.But you can easily find it,i don't understand why people will wanna see a dead body with blood though..What's the fascination?

Click on this link here to read More about the Life and crimes of Alhaji Gay  Tunji Alaso.

Now the sad part of this story is how much people were openly celebrating online at his death.I guess if he was anti Yahoo yahoo boys,they will have a big online presence cos that's where they operate.

On the flip side,i have been reading stuf that  he wasn't a nice man,and he forcibly took properties belonging to other people etc.Whatever what the true story is,this man Alhaji Gay or Tunji Alaso had a lot of enemies and was not a loved man.
Below is some of the discussion on social media regarding Alhaji Gay Tunji Alaso.
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