Sunday, 26 July 2015

Dilly Umenyiora a Life of Riches and Crime gone good.

Dilly Umenyiora and wife Fifi

Dilly Umenyiora house. Dilly Umenyiora  wife Fifi are an enviable but controversial couple.Hubby Dilly was said to have had a fraudulent past in jail in the United States of America.It is alleged he only managed to get away from spending many years in jail by turning informant for the FBI,this enabled him to spend lesser time in jail.

Dilly Umenyiora has now gone straight and owns legitimate businesses,Dilly motors being
one of them.The couple have three children and probably one of the most over the top houses in Nigeria.
Some people still look down on Dilly as a criminal,but i say if he has served his time,he can move on in life can't he?And that is exactly what Dilly Umenyiora has done,he has moved on and is indeed enjoying a life of stupendous riches!
In case you have never Dilly Umenyiora's much talked about house,i shall do you the honors further are some pictures of the couple and more...

Dilly Umenyiora mugshot
Another Dilly Umenyiora mugshot at a time of arrest in the USA.
Dilly Umenyiora's mugshot in America.

inside the house of Dilly Umenyiora


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