Is any Nigerian celebrity as foolish as Tonto Dikeh?

Is any Nigerian celebrity as foolish as Tonto Dikeh?

tonto dikeh son

What the hell is wrong with Tonto Dikeh?Why would you go about putting curses on people just because they got a story about you wrong?Normally,i wouldn't call anybody a fool ,talk less of publicly like this,but if you go on raining curses on people,especially my colleagues,i will only be too happy to call you stupid!

The first thing you got to ask your self as a celebrity if a story about you is wrong is this...What was the intent of the story? Is the of the story a harmful one? Can you as a right thinking person understand why the reporter or whoever carried the story might have thought it was true,even though you know it isn't true?

When you get the answers to these questions,then you know what your next line of action would be.

Now this is what happened today,an impostor apparently with a fake instagram account of Tontolet1,posted a picture of a faceless pregnant woman,pretending to be Tonto Fool ..oops sorry Tonto Dikeh i meant.The girl said she was pregnant.Obviously like Tonto herself said,some bloggers will carry this story,without proper investigation.The first thing
you have to understand about bloggers is,bloggers are not journalists.They are not trained.A blogger is someone who writes little personal journals of his or her own.Having said that,i can understand one being upset if a story is carried about anyone that paints you in a bad light.

Now after this story of Tonto Dikeh being pregnant came out,do you know what she did next? She was raining curses on the head of bloggers,saying it shall never be well with them,in capital letters! Now an untrue story that you are pregnant,that was carried in good faith,how does that warrant you to start cursing others? Is pregnancy a crime? Did they accuse you of being a thief or a drug baron or mule?

tonto dikeh pregnancy
The pregnancy picture that got Tonto Dikeh upset.
I am really disappointed in the Nollywood or gullible actress,these are supposed to be role models for little girls,but she is nothing but an illiterate! I think the weed she smokes has been clouding her brain! I am very upset writing this,and not because i carried this particular story,i didn't. I just think it's time someone answered back to this silly little girl and her stupid behaviour.
Funny thing about celebrities is,it's okay when you use bloggers to sell your profile,when you plant stories or set up stories that you know bloggers will carry.But if they get a story wrong or publish something that does not favour you,you cry like a child.Well,it goes both ways dears,and to be fair,most of the Nigerian celebrities are okay.They are not all silly like Tonto D*ck Head who feels she can just open her mouth anyhow and rains curses on people.
A simple mature and normal thing she could have done is post a reply saying,fake story guys,sorry they got you..i'm not pregnant! Or just ignore the story...Sooner or later the truth will come out..instead of raining curses on people who have families and kids!

Below is the full text of the message Tonto Dikeh posted... 

I don't know if I speak French or I just don't communicate well*But am extremely tired of saying this billshit all the time,MY ONLY ONLINE TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS IS @TONTOLET


#2weeks ago it was a pregnancy result now its a full blown belly,how do you all Think? I understand the struggle to have traffic on your blogs but shldnt journalism come with Truth**
This is why I have no respect for half of you'll,we have more bloggers than we do have celebrities**

At some point you are gonno give up, Am too happy and blessed to stress by your unprofessionalism and Hate**

I hope Tonto Dikeh reads this and if she wants to go to war ore reply me,i am ready..I shall give her as much as she dishes out! Don't think cos you appear on telly makes you more special than the ordinary man on the street!
naija blog queen

Guess what guys..Upon all the curses of Tonto Dikeh,she was truly pregnant! We now know this cos she had a son...As a saying goes,you can't keep a flame hidden indoors for ever,and you can't hide a pregnancy for ever,it will show eventually.Now do you see how silly Tonto has been raining curses on people for reporting a true story? Just because she wanted to hide her pregnancy? Very sad,when this people have misfortunes now,they will blame it on their enemies,forgetting the curses they had been raining on innocent people's head.Tonto Dikeh Child is here now,and we all celebrate and are happy for her,but should she have treated someone elses child they way she dis?
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