Nigerian Brit who posed as Marine dupes women of £100,000 on dating site!

Nigerian Brit who posed as Marine dupes women of £100,000 on dating site!

Nigerian Brit who posed as Marine dupes women of £100,000 on dating site!

31 year old Nigerian UK immigrant Adewale Adewole pictured above has been arrested by UK police for posing as a Royal Marine commando named Timmy Francis on the dating website and duping four women of £100,000. 

I still find it hard to believe how women can dish out money to a guy you hardly know.If they were in a relationship and have known each other for a while,then fine.No harm in helping your partner.But for someone you hardly know and have just met? It smells of two things,desperate women or women
who had too much money than sense!

The married father of three, according to police reports, claimed to run an orphanage in Africa and was looking for romance under the motto: 'To live and love' with online nickname 'Charismatic Brit'. But after charming the unsuspecting women, he then claimed he needed money saying he had been mugged while attending to his 'orphanage'. 

Nigerian Brit who posed as Marine dupes women of £100,000 on dating site! 1
The women who were in search of love all sent him cash and paid his hotel bills, only for him to transfer the money into the bank account of his wife who shared his home with their two children in Eccles, Greater Manchester.

Police who caught up with father-of-three Adewole discovered he had used the women's cash to splash out on iPads, TVs and designer clothes plus electronic and musical items such as a glitterball and a keyboard thought to be worth in total tens of thousands of pounds.

But after he was jailed for four years, officers auctioned off the confiscated items in a bid to repay the victims - only for it to yield just £2,000.

It means the women will get back only hundreds of pounds each - with one victim getting just £199. 

It is not known what happened to £4,500 in cash which Adewole kept under his bed and insisted was his.

At a proceeds of crime hearing at Manchester Crown Court, prosecutor Miss Louise Brandon said: 'The value of the loss was £98,140 and from that there is an available amount of £2,213.71 but the prosecution have four complainants who lost considerable amounts of money.

'The available items were mainly electrical that the police auctioned off so it would mean getting that money from the auction. The compensation orders have been reached proportionally but unfortunately it is no where near what they did give but it is all we can get. The complainants are fully aware that it was unlikely they would get it back.'

At an earlier court hearing Miss Brandon said the four victims were registered with and did not know each other.

Source: UK Daily Mail
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