How to stop piracy in Nigeria entertainment industry

Piracy In Nigeria.So president Buhari too has joined the Nollywood and Nigerian entertainment piracy fight,but i'm afraid they are going against it in the total wrong way.Didn't they learn nothing from the last president,Goodluck Jonathan? Battle cries and enforcing agents will not and cannot end the piracy in the Nigerian entertainment industry.What will end it is an appropriate system put in place to eradicate,fish out and highlight the perpetrators.It is then that the enforcers can now do their jobs by maintaining law and order.If you bank on just
brutal force or enforcers arresting,it becomes a case of,cat and mouse,as soon as the enforcers leave they will continue with their illicit business.

This is the statement that came from President Buhari today,below...
Buhari issues piracy war cry against Nollywood and entertainment industry pirates

Pesident Muhammadu Buhari has directed law enforcement agencies to step up their efforts to curb the menace of pirates in Nigeria's entertainment industry so that artistes can enjoy the fruits of their labour. President Buhari gave the directive after receiving a briefing from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Dr. Folasade Yemi-Esan and her Directors Tuesday in Abuja.

Nollywood is making progress. We should work with them. Unless they are backed, they will be ruined by pirates who want to reap where they have not sowed. "They have built an industry with their own sweat. It is therefore incumbent on us to give them the necessary support,” President Buhari said.

This is just the same thing we have been hearing all this time.It's not effective.It's like giving a man a fish rather than teaching him how to fish so he is independent for life.

One of the most important ways in my opinion is for the authorities to find a way to make whatever is on sale very very distinct...so anyone caught with a fake copy faces jail.Full stop,no fines..jail! By the time you go to jail and come out 2 years later,that will be one less pirater on the streets hawking goods.If those who hawk the goods lessen,it kills business for the big boys because there is no one to sell their goods.The other very important suggestion i have is for the government to computerize and bar code every sale of entertainment CD's OR DVD's...Every sale will go into a national date base with the government getting a cut on every sale of music,dvd's,films at the cinema etc.Unfortunately the oil boom became a curse for Nigeria ,so we haven't paid attention to other ways of making money.America and Britain make biliions of pounds on the entertainment industry!

This will generate billions for the government,because there is a potential to sell billions of entertainment products in Nigeria.If the government make this money,they will protect the entertainment industry,cos now they know it's a moneymaker.But right now they make nothing from that industry so they don't really care..And sadly those in the industry themselves don't know how to stop piracy.They just want it to stop.How ? They have no idea!

But i am sure my idea is a money maker,even if there is piracy,it will not be half as much as what we have now..and that is a wonderful progress.

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