Rapper Future shuts down LA with crowd congestion!

Rapper Future huge crowd in LA
Looks like all the media attention rapper Future got from his spat with baby mama Ciara,has turned him into a bigger star.
Law enforcement officials responded to three L.A. nightclubs Thursday when large crowds gathered to see the rapper Future, prompting the cancellation of two free concerts in West Hollywood and two partial closures of Sunset Boulevard. The first 800 people in line were
guaranteed entrance to the House of Blues, according to an Instagram post from the rapper, but sheriff’s officials at the scene said some 1,200 people showed up.
Within 30 minutes crowds had formed in front of the House of Blues and dozens of law enforcement vehicles took formation, blocking the street.
About two blocks of Sunset Boulevard was closed in front of the House of Blues between North La Cienega Boulevard and North Kings Road around 10:30 p.m., Sky5 aerials showed.

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