Stephen Keshi sacked as Nigeria coach for applying for Ivory Coast Job!

Stephen Keshi sacked as Nigeria coach for applying for Ivory Coast Job!

Stephen Keshi sacked as Nigeria  coach for applying for Ivory Coast Job!
Stephen Keshi with the Nations cup won as a player in 1994.
Stephen Keshi sacked as Super Eagles Nigeria coach!

Stephen Keshi has been sacked as Nigeria Super Eagles coach for applying for Ivory Coast Job!
I am not sure how to take this saga of Nigeria and the NFF finally sacking Stephen Keshi as the Nigeria football team coach! It had taken forever for the NFF to finally reinstall Keshi as the Nigerian super Eagles coach.His contract
expired,then it wasn't renewed.For months and months we did not have a National coach.That,a disgrace in itself.Then there was the time when he was supposedly sacked only to be reinstalled coutessy of orders from the top,this rumoured to be President Jonathan.

Stephen Keshi sacked as Nigeria  coach for applying for Ivory Coast Job! 1
Keshi with the nations cup he won as coach in 2013 getting into the record books.
And now he is finally sacked! I say finally,cos this time it looks like there is no going back on the Keshi sacking.

The official statement is,Keshi has been sacked after a thorough review of his performance and findings,it also said his commitment was in question.
But the unofficial gist is,Keshi was sacked by the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), because he was found to have applied for the Ivory Coast job at a time when he was coaching Nigeria Super Eagles.If this is indeed true,then he deserves to be fired!

Stephen Keshi sacked as Nigeria  coach for applying for Ivory Coast Job! 2
 A statement by the NFF Executive Committee on Saturday said this decision was made, “having thoroughly reviewed the reports/findings of the NFF
Disciplinary Committee and NFF Technical and Development Committee, as well as having reviewed the actions and inactions of Mr. Stephen Keshi, in the performance of his duties as Super Eagles’ Head Coach, which we found to lack the required commitment to achieve the Federation’s objectives as set out in the Coach’s employment contract.”

The statement went further: “To this end and pursuant to the provisions of Clause 4.3 of the Employment Contract between Mr. Stephen Keshi and the NFF (The Contract) and the various clauses therein, the Nigeria Football Federation has decided to exercise its option to summarily terminate the employment contract of Mr. Stephen Keshi with the Federation with immediate effect.”

Stephen Keshi sacked as Nigeria  coach for applying for Ivory Coast Job! 3
Keshi sacked as Super Eagles coach.
It added that the termination was “without prejudice to the settlement of any existing and due financial obligations between the NFF and Mr. Keshi.”
Confirming the development, NFF vice-president, Barrister Seyi Akinwumi, said the decision was taken in the interest of Nigerian football and thanked Keshi for his services.

 Akinwumi then added: “In the interim, the Super Eagles’ team affairs will be jointly managed by Assistant Coach, Salisu Yusuf and the Technical Directorate of the NFF headed by Coach Shuaibu Amodu, until the Federation names in due course a new Head Coach, who, along with the NFF will chart a new direction for the Super Eagles to ensure credible participation in international competitions and assist in building a sustainable football culture for the country.”

It's a real shame,because at a time,i thought we had found the messiah we were looking for.The performance of Keshi and the Super Eagles was fantastic in winning the 2013 African Nations cup.We won with a young team playing good football.But it seems the victory rather than galvanise and inspire Keshi,it all went to his head.He messed with the team,toyed with the players,invited too many players and destroyed the rhythm of the team
Why chop and change a young winning team? All Keshi had to do was maintain that team with a little introduction of one or two players.He made bad decisions,a good example was the exclusion of Ikechukwu Uche,Peter Odemwigie and Sunday Mba.

Keshi lost his head and the success went to his head.we did not qualify for the next nations cup tournament,even though we were defending champions.An embarrassment.All in all ,Keshi deserved to be sacked as Super Eagles coach.He made his mark,but could have achieved much more.And if he really did apply for the Ivory Coast job,while still coach of the Nigerian team,he deserved to go. 

But trust Nigeria,things are never black and white,it must have a "K Leg"Now ,another gist is eshi is going to take Nigeria to the court of arbitration.
Stephen Keshi will report the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) over the decision to sack him as the coach of the Super Eagles, sources in the know reveal.
The source revealed that Keshi will end up being paid for two years without doing any work for Nigeria.

“Keshi is well aware of the plot to remove him as coach of the team but he is not moved by that because he did not breach his contract,” the source said.

“If they had any valid proof of any breach of contract they would have sacked Keshi days after the report that he applied for the Ivory Coast was published. But they didn’t and resulted in sending people to him to resign his appointment as coach.”

The well connected source added that the NFF haven’t learnt from the lessons of Sylvanus Okpala who dragged them to CAS and won outrightly for his wrongful dismissal in 2013.

“They are still paying Okpalla and they want to do the same wasting the country’s resources doing that.”
“How can a board member collect $6,000 from tax payers money to investigate what has been proved not to be true?
“Keshi was approached by one of their cohorts on Friday that he should resign as coach but he refused because he did nothing wrong. Even the reported resume they say he sent was not his current one.
“If he wanted the Ivorian job he would have presented his current resume which entailed the 2013 AFCON triumph and the World Cup he led Nigeria to.” The source concluded.
So there you have it.Stephen Keshi sacked by Nigeria,but that is not the end of the be continued... 

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