Yetunde Bustline Oduwole Cries in Video over Baba Tee(Video)

Yetunde Bustline Oduwole Cries in Video over Baba Tee(Video)

socialite Yetunde Bustline Oduwole Cries in Video over Yoruba actor  Baba Tee

Watch Yetunde Bustline Oduwole break down and Cry in Video .

I was sent this video of Yetunde Bustline Oduwole,yesterday morning,i found the video so powerful that i was in two minds about using it.So i sent her a message asking her what the video was about and if she intended for it to go public.24 hrs later i still had not gotten a response from her.I woke up this morning and the video had been posted by a couple of blogs,so i concluded its ok for me to post the video now.The video of Yetunde Bustline Oduwole is self explanatory really.There's not much to say.She is seen crying bitterly in the video telling how Baba Tee,real name Babatunde Bernard had
embarrassed him.
There are two video's of Yetunde Bustline Oduwole crying over Baba Tee.In one of the videos,she is bitterly crying ,while in the other one she tells how woe will befall on Baba Tee for embarrassing and hurting her.In that Video Yetunde said.. “Tunde, this afternoon again, you embarrassed me before the whole world. You’ve been embarrassing me right from the 18th of January. I got about 20 messages today from your Facebook friends, and they were asking me if we are quarreling that you have removed all my pictures from your wall. .
Even to the extent that you went to the albums I created for you, and removed all my photos there, and you left my friends, Tolu and the rest of them. Why should you embarrass me this much? What did I do to you? Is it a crime to date you? .
Why is it that every time we fight, you do drastic things? Hmm, I pity you… I really pity you. Don’t you know that they don’t offend me? I’m always sincere with all the men I date, and if they are dishonest with me, they find it terrible and difficult to climb up in life again .I told my God that he should greatly punish any man that upsets me,
and He always does it for me. Just yesterday, Babs ( my former husband ) and his wife were calling me, begging me to please have mercy on them. His wife begged me to forgive him, but I said there was nothing he did to me that I have forgiven him. Look at all the years…10 good years he has been struggling, and he has been unable to achieve success. And I doubt if he can make it because he has wronged me. .I have forgiven him, and I have asked God to restore all his possessions. I’m just warning you Tunde Bernard…hmm, I’m not the kind of person you offend. If you still want to bear the name Baba Tee, you better stop being on my matter.You had better beg my creator because I did not offend you; I have never held grudges against you for a whole day. You are wicked, and you don’t think. Then breaks down in tears.…

Baba Tee and Yetunde Bustline Oduwole in Good times.

The second Video where Yetunde Bustline Oduwole breraks down and cries over lover Baba Tee.

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