Balarabe Musa wants special prison built for corrupt Politicians!

Balarabe Musa wants special prison built for corrupt Politicians!

I totally agree with Balarabe Musa that all these corrupt politicians and corrupt civil servants should be jailed! But i don't understand what he meant by special prisons,does he mean prisons where they would be subjected to heavy labour etc? If that,then fantastic,if he meant prisons where they would not mix with your average criminals,then i don't agree.These corrupt criminals are worse than your average criminals.I see no difference between them and armed robbers! If someone steals the money that was meant for safer roads,health system,education,power generation etc,then they are killers,muderers.How many people
have died in Nigeria as a result of these things lacking?

Going back in time,during the time of the former governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, him and most of his colleagues lived a moderate lifestyle life due to the fact that corruption was  minimal.

In an interview with Vanguard newspaper he was asked how he felt about Governors and other people in politics who use their positions to amass wealth while in public office.
The former Gov said:

"I feel bad because these are resources that should be used to liberate the people and  provide welfare and security for them. It is even more worrisome that in most places those in power have not provided even the basic things for their subjects while they swim in opulence and mindless extravagance, creating a big gap between them and those who elected them into office. That is directly responsible for the negative things the nation is grappling with today characterized by unemployment, poverty, insecurity and lose of confidence in public service.
"That is why I strongly advise President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently build special prisons for those people as a matter of urgent national interest.
The danger is that if he does not go after those who stole so much from the nation’s treasury, these malevolent elements could use the ill-gotten wealth to topple Nigeria. Many of them are believed to have stolen as much as trillions of Naira and stashed away in foreign accounts. A recent report revealed that some crooked Nigerians might have stolen more than the annual budget of Nigeria.
Let them go to prison. In fact I would advise him to build special prisons for those who plundered Nigeria because it has to be done. 
If you allow these thieves to continue stealing and eventually controlling political power in the country, you will lead this country to destruction, anarchy, sustained instability, military coup and social revolution.
That is why I strongly advise Buhari to go the whole hug in dealing with those who plundered Nigeria’s wealth.

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