Beverley Johnson's liaisons with Mike Tyson & Eddie Murphy!

Beverley Johnson's liaisons with Mike Tyson & Eddie Murphy!

Supermodel Beverley Johnson talks about intimate encounters with Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy!
Beverley Johnson was one of the most beautiful women in the world in her heydays,she still is.It's interesting to know that she had quite a few liaisons with some famous men.I'm sure some women would have been involved was crazy back in the 80s from what i have read at various times.
Supermodel Beverly Johnson recently released a tell-all book where she talked about her past male lovers which included Arthur Ashe, Mike Tyson & Eddie Murphy. Below is how NY
Post reported it
Tennis star Arthur Ashe called her for a date after winning Wimbledon in 1975. The two went out for a while, and Johnson says that Ashe’s “four-hour, hot-and-heavy tennis matches developed endurance muscles in every area of the body.
“We had all-night lovemaking sessions,” she writes. “I was forced to pull out a bigger book of tricks to help him get to the point of no return sooner, or risk some serious health issues of my own. Swinging from the chandelier [every night we spent together] was taking its toll on my well-being.”

Supermodel Beverley Johnson talks about intimate encounters with Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy!
Mike Tyson asking Eddie Murphy if  he really did get with Beverley Johnson as well!??

Johnson finally found success at moving Ashe along when she showed up in “a seductive cowgirl outfit” with a sheer top and a denim skirt “with nothing on underneath.”

Johnson had a “short encounter” with Eddie Murphy, then at the height of his early success, which “hadn’t gone well.” Johnson was put off by Murphy’s ego, especially after, at a swank party, Murphy had his bodyguards tell Jagger to leave the bathroom so Murphy could use it alone. (Sadly, Johnson does not share Jagger’s response.)
Her relationship with Mike Tyson was more satisfying. The two met just before Tyson — then 20, 15 years Johnson’s junior — was scheduled to fight for the heavyweight championship of the world. Tyson “gushed” about how much of a fan he was of hers, telling her “how beautiful I was,” and asking her on a date.
The two spoke on the phone constantly, and just before his big fight — which, if he won, would have made him the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history — Johnson blurted out, surprising even herself, “If you win, I’ll give you some.”
Tyson won, and showed up at Johnson’s door 19 hours later, an impressive feat considering that the fight was in Las Vegas and Johnson lived in New York.
Johnson kept her promise.
“Our first time together was nice, if not the most passionate of nights I’d experienced with a man,” she writes. “Mike was young and still learning how to please a woman, but I very much enjoyed it anyway. Mike was so full of excitement and vigor that it was actually contagious.”

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