Charly Boy calls on media to be kinder to Majek Fashek&go for politicians instead!

Charly Boy calls on media to be kinder to Majek Fashek&go for politicians instead!

Charly Boy calls on media to be kinder to Majek Fashek&go for politicians instead!

Charly Boy and Majek Fashek

Charly Boy has called on Nigera media to give Majek Fashek and other entertainners a break and instead scrutinize the Yahoo boys and corrupt politicians,so as to make a positive change!
Article written by Charly Boy. Read below...
The other day I was at the Rain Makers ( Majek's ) press conference, a little anxious but mostly excited about the personal progress made so far in regards
to his physical well being. Anxious if the press in firing questions at Majek were going to be kind this time around or insensitive to his situation.
The questions where mostly directed to Majek and my colleagues in the media were gentle,till one of them had to voice out what was probably on the minds of most of them.
"Am seeing a different picture in front of me, and I am pleasantly shocked at the way you have answered all questions thrown at you. I came here expecting to meet someone incoherent, confused and off track, but am faced with someone who is not only articulate, but who understands what is happening to him and is desirous of a positive change. Im glad I came here today or I wouldn't have believed this.

It was Majek's answer that inspired this piece.

MAJEK: "When I first started my music career, the media played a massive role in making me the rain maker. Sadly, they have also been an instrument to my predicament. I have played with a lot of reputable international stars and done a lot of positive stuffs, but this was never reported by the media in Nigeria. As I struggled with my addiction, the media hyped my struggle and made me feel more worthless than I already felt, because of my botched contract with Island Records. I am hopeful that as I make this recovery journey, that you all will be kinder to me and report stories that would reflect my victory from my addiction"

Over the years I (CharlyBoy) have been called all sorts of names, ,but I no send and I didn't back down. Some of us don't have that tough skin. Intolerance is alive and well these days, and many of us are accustomed to thoughtlessly passing judgment or speaking negatively about someone we do not understand or things too deep for our minds to grasp. It is time we take care not to pass judgment on people who are challenged in one way or the other, and people who are simply different.

Nollywood movies are made to educate/entertain the masses, like the movie DRY. Fictional characters like CharlyBoy are created for the purpose of entertainment. Our entertainers, actors and actresses did not sign up to have thier real lives splashed all over the place. Watching a friend or yourself deal with a disfuntional marriage or going through serious challenges is heartbreaking, now, just imagine all of one's fuckups plastered all over the papers for some Raz reporter's screaming headline, because paper must sell. How would that make you feel? It is hard enough dealing with real life drama and these celebrities do not need to deal with it in front of a camera, or on the pages of the news paper. As for the need to write news about a "Public Figure", how about using the media in making "Public Figures" accountable for our stolen wealth by slizzy yahoo yahoo politicians, priority.  Report about someone that has the power to effect change on real issues in our environment, I'm still waiting for The Change. Abegi, free me joor.

Finally I want to use this space to say a big thank you to all the people, who contributed in cash, time and the show of love and support to our beloved Majek. special thanks to Monica Omorodion I was recruited by her into this campaign, to Dr Vincent for going beyond the call of duty, to my man Black Rice for being a friend indeed, and to our main man Chief Ayiri for picking up all the bills. May the good Lord bless each and everyone for your support and kindness. It is well.

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