Is it time for Toyin Aimakhu to realise she's in an abusive relationship?

Toyin Aimakhu's marriage to Adeniyi Johnson,

Toyin Aimakhu relationship?
I think we all know the pattern by now.The guy does something wrong,be it cheat,hit his wife or lover or do something to make her emotionally unbalanced.He then apologizes in the sweetest way,telling his wife or girl how important she is and he is the one at fault blah blah blah.Ordinarily,this is a sweet gesture and beautiful thing,since we all are not perfect.
But once this starts to happen over and over again,it becomes a pattern,and that is when
you are officially in an abusive marriage or relationship!
Nollywood and yoruba actress,Toyin Aimakhu's marriage to Adeniyi Johnson,a fellow actor, seems to have crossed over into that territory.Cos all we hear is make up and break up! Time and time again.And the husband Adeniyi Johnson is always at fault.
The latest was over the weekend when Toyin Aimakhu removed all her husbands pictures from her instagram page and dropped her married name to her maiden name.Now,when a woman does this,you know they didn't fight about who should empty the trash or you didn't take me to the movies as you promised! It's something deeper.
Now,once again,Adeniyi Johnson,has gone on to instagram to apologize to his wife Toyin yet again.
So is it time for Toyin Aimakhu to realise she's in an abusive relationship or does she know it already?

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