Majek Fashek finally admits addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Majek Fashek finally admits addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Majek Fashek finally admits addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Majek Fashek finally admits addiction to drugs and alcohol.Fashek, on Monday, while briefing newsmen in Abuja, admitted his addiction to alcohol and drugs and warned the youth against the substances.

He also confirmed the commencement of his rehabilitation process.

He said: “People should stop the use of alcohol and drugs because being drunk will end up destroying your career and your plans for the future. Coming to the rehab is not a bad idea because I realised that I am addicted to alcohol and it was beginning to affect my output and what I enjoy doing and decided to seek for help. I am not the first singer or person that will go to the rehab; most renowned celebrities we know today go to rehabilitation centres to cool their memory.”

The musician also revealed that he would had been a movie star in the entertainment industry but could not continue with the initiative.

“I publicly admitted to addiction to alcohol because so many things are being said about me on the social media and nobody forced me to the rehab. Propaganda of scandal was being monotonous to my generation. I want to run from the stress of Babylon of Africa and I need to be credited for the works I have done,” he said.

Fashek also maintained that he was never deported from the United States.

He said he is fighting to protect the legacy of his children and that he also needs peace for his consciousness.

The rainmaker advised everyone struggling with any form of addiction to seek assistance.

The consultant and psychiatrist to Fashek, Dr Vincent Udenze disclosed that the singer’s rehabilitation would take a while and that it would be a journey.

Udenze said: “Rehabilitation is a long term journey, even if he leaves the centre and goes home, he is still on that journey and that is how we conceptualise rehabilitation.”

Udenze said Fashek was willing to engage in the rehabilitation process irrespective of the duration. He however called on individuals who might be having same addiction challenge to speak up for assistance in confidential rehabilitation centres.

About a week ago, another veteran reggae singer, Orits Wiliki, however, claimed that the main problem with Majek Fashek was not drugs.

Meanwhile,Charly Boy and some friends on Monday paid a visit to Majek Fashek in rehab.

Members of the group included an American-based Nigerian Artist, Monica Swaida, and Dr Vincent Udenze, the Medical Director of Synapse Services in Abuja.
Charlie Boy said “I have always said that Majek is a multi-talented singer who should not be abandoned in his present condition.
“Today, I am glad to be a part of this noble gesture of getting Majek back and better.
“I want to congratulate all my friends and colleagues, who, out of sympathy and understanding of the problem, helped in one way or the other.
“I am encouraged by what I have seen so far about his rehab process.
“I have been talking with him, and I believe that this is going to be the final push for him to get to that state where everyone will see that vibrant Majek again.’’
He then thanked the group for answering the call for them to visit Fashek and urged them to continue to pray and care for the ailing musician.
Similarly, Swaida said “in my early teen years, I had the opportunity to work with Majek.
“He was a mentor and father figure to me, and taught me to believe in music.
“I have worked with his family to help my big brother, but things didn’t work out, and I realised that more drastic things needed to be done.
“I opened a facebook page and started posting his songs and videos and a lot of funny yet serious things to draw attention.
“I also opened a fund raising account where people started donating.
“During one of my many rants, Charlie Boy called me and told me he wanted to help and he introduced a doctor and that was how we started.’’
On his part, Dr Udenze said “what is important now is that we should stop pointing accusing fingers at him.’’
Udenze, who runs the Centre for Psychological Medicine where Mashek Fashek was currently receiving treatment said “he is a Nigerian like everyone else.
“He has got a problem and he has identified the fact that he has a problem and he is receiving help.
“I am happy he is making significant progress.’’
Fashek, who was overtly happy, expressed gratitude for the support given to him so far and expressed optimism that he would be completely be fine again.
He said “I want to specially thank everyone who has been part of this.
“I have no regret, even though I am broke, I am still alive.
“I decided to take the advice of Charlie Boy and others to come to this rehab.’’ (NAN)
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