Patience Jonathan accused of sponsoring APC &PDP in Bayelsa Governorship elections!

Patience Jonathan accused of sponsoring APC &PDP in Bayelsa Governorship elections!

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This is a very peculiar story,i don't know what to make of it.But i have learnt not to put anything past anyone when it comes to politics,especially in Nigeria.The ex Nigerian 1st lady,Patience Jonathan,is reportedly sponsoring the two main parties contending for the forthcoming Bayelsa state governorship elections. 
The gist is,Patience Jonathan is trying to sponsor both parties,so whoever wins will be indebted to her.
I really don't see her approaching the APC,or do you? But like i said this is Nigeria,the impossible
can happen.
Patience is reportedly making moves to hijack the Bayelsa state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress, (APC).

According to reports by the Sun, a group simply known as the ‘Forum For Political Freedom in Bayelsa State’ (FOPOF) has accused Patience for using her unlawfully acquired wealth to fund and create a power bloc in the APC within the state. The group is also claiming that Patience is using members of the defunct Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria whom she similarly used to weaken the leadership of the opposition party in the state in the period leading up to the last presidential poll which her husband lost.

Elder Adenzi Kakarite, a leader of the group has released a statement which reads in part: ”The former First Lady is very greedy and selfish by wanting to sponsor the candidates of both the PDP and the APC, so that she can continue to milk the state dry. Bayelsans must rise up and resist this woman, who clearly does not mean well for Bayelsa state, because she was partly the reason for the husband’s defeat in the last presidential election; and since she couldn’t succeed at the national level, she wants to come and force a governor of her choice down our throats. No, we must resist it”.

This is probably one of the craziest stories i have heard in a while.Is the ex 1st lady that rich anyway to throw all that money around? I have a feeling the EFCC might come knocking soon...

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