Rotimi Amaechi explains why he is fighting Gov.Wike probe.

Rotimi Amaechi explains why he is fighting Gov.Wike probe.

Amaechi and Wike

Rotimi Amaechi explains why he is fighting Gov.Wike probe.
Nigeria's politics is a mess! They fight like cat and mouse before the elections,they fight during the elections,they fight during the announcement of the results and continue fighting after a victor has been sworn into office! The whole thing is a bloody disgrace!
Rotimi Amaechi,who i like has now giving reasons why he is against Governor Nyesom Wike setting up a probe to probe his administration.And his explanation stinks! If there is a probe,you have the chance to submit your proof don't you? If you were accused of spending 1 million Naira for example while you spent half a million Naira,bring out your reciepts,bring out your facts and figures.I'm afraid Amaechi sounds more and more guilty to me everyday. HERE below is a press statement release from Amaechi's media team....
This is a press statement. Read below..
The immediate past governor of Rivers State Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has again explained why he is opposed to and wants to stop the Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by his successor, Nyesom Wike to probe some
selected government transactions, while Amaechi was governor.

In a statement released by the former governor’s media office Sunday, Amaechi reiterated and emphasized that he’s not afraid of a fair and decent probe or investigation or inquiry of his administration; and would cooperate and support such probe or investigation or inquiry in as much as it’s done within the ambits of our laws.

The statement continues:

“However what Wike has set out to do is anything but a fair probe. The commission will not be fair to Amaechi because it was set up to indict him. Wike had repeatedly held that Amaechi, the person to be investigated, acted illegally in the disbursement of public funds and that Amaechi ran a corrupt government. Clearly, Wike has prejudged the matter and showed his bias that Amaechi is guilty even before investigations. This means Wike, with his prejudiced, made up mind has taken a position of a guilty verdict even before the outcome is known or established.”

“The same Wike who had adjudged the yet-to-be-investigated conduct of Amaechi as illegal and Amaechi as corrupt, is the same person that has gone ahead to set up a commission of inquiry and will have the final say on the findings of the commission. What a sham! “

“This bias and predetermined agenda to indict Amaechi is obvious even in the terms of reference of the commission. In one of the defective terms of reference, Wike said the Commission should investigate the circumstances that led to the ‘sale of the state Hotel Olympia’. With a fair and decent probe, the Inquiry should have been ‘to examine (or investigate) the transaction concerning Hotel Olympia’. The difference is so clear: In the former, jaundiced Wike’s Term of Reference, it has been prejudiced and concluded that the Hotel was sold, while in the latter, the Inquiry is open and fair, and may lead to a finding of a sale or a lease or even a gift or even a pledge. Now, having so concluded that Hotel Olympia was sold, would Wike be decent and humble enough to reverse himself if documents showed it was never sold but concessioned or leased? This is one of the dangers of Wike’s commission that harbours a predetermined outcome in the name of
an Inquiry and Amaechi will not subject himself to Wike’s deceit and phony shenanigans. Hotel Olympia was never sold. The hotel was only concessioned (or leased) on the approval of the State Executive Council and not sold.”

“Even while inaugurating his yeoman commission of Inquiry, Wike could not conceal his vendetta agenda. He was clear to the panel members that their job is to indict Amaechi. And to do this his dirty hack job, he got Justice G. O. Omereji(the commission chairman), a man who is well known to harbour a long held, extreme anger, hatred and animosity against former governor Amaechi.  And Justice Omereji has never disguised this his stance and disposition towards Amaechi. As a matter of fact, Justice Omereji even advised a former Nigerian Bar Association(NBA) chairman in Rivers State on measures (to take) against then Governor Amaechi. He had expressed his hatred for Amaechi several times to the NBA chairman who was also an Attorney-General of Rivers State. How can we now expect Justice Omereji to be fair to Amaechi, the person he passionately loathes with extreme malice and venom?”

“Anyone who has been following events in Rivers State knows this Wike probe is just a fraudulent sham, a deceptive mission to indict Amaechi. Wike’s one-point agenda is to go after his predecessor. Immediately Wike took over, he made a show and gave a performance of his false accusations that Amaechi stripped the Governor’s Lodge bare, saying that the former governor stole spoons, plates, knives, cups, mattresses, forks and even curtains from the Governor’s Lodge! However, in the images Wike showed to back his lies, the curtains in the lodge were clearly there, seen and intact. Again, Wike claimed he met a completely empty treasury. That again is another big lie and grand deception. We have said that former governor Amaechi left billions of naira and we even went ahead to mention the banks and give the names of the accounts the money were, as at May 29, 2015. We challenge Wike to publish the statements of these accounts and other Rivers State
government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) accounts as at May 29; to prove his claim and show the public that Amaechi left an empty treasury for him.”

“This Wike’s probe is dead on arrival. It’s ill-conceived and ill-motivated. Wike’s probe is designed to twist and distort, or even completely alter selected legitimate government transactions in his desperation to cook up, and fabricate sham cases of corruption against Amaechi. Wike’s probe commission shall not achieve anything beyond political excitements, entertainment and theatrics.”

“Finally, Amaechi will continue to use every constitutional and legal means available to protect his name and image from this massive smear campaign, State-sponsored onslaught against him by Wike led government whose sole agenda is a desperate search for a Rotimi Amaechi political downfall.”
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rotimi Amaech explains why he is fighting Gov.Wike probe.

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