Tragedy for Nigerian family as 3 generations die during Child birth!

Tragedy for Nigerian family as 3 generations die during Child birth!

In a bizarre story that has continued to perplex investigators and residents of a Lagos community, three generations of a family have died during the delivery of a baby. Saturday Punch learnt that on May 7, 2015 Dr. Bosun Owolabi, was contacted when 34-year-old Edith Ororobi, went into labour to give birth to her first child ever.

The doctor allegedly raced to the house at Bogije Town in Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos in the
dead of the night.

But by the time he was done with the delivery, Edith; her 61-year-old mother, Elizabeth Ororobi, who witnessed the procedure, and the newborn baby, were all dead.

Police sources familiar with the case told our correspondent that Owolabi instantly fled the scene only to contact a relation of the victims on the phone and explained how the grandmother, mother and newborn baby died.

The man, who was contacted was Elizabeth’s younger brother, Jite Tubman.

In his statement to the police, Tubman explained that at about 3.14am on May 7, he received a call from a doctor, whom he later learnt was Dr. Owolabi.

Tubman said, “The doctor said my elder sister died of shock after realising that her daughter, Edith, had died during delivery.

“The father of the dead newborn baby, has travelled out of the country. I later reported the case to the police, who took an ambulance and followed us to the house.”

The bodies of mother, child and grandmother were deposited at the Lagos Island General Hospital.

A police source told our correspondent that by the time they got to the scene, Owolabi, was nowhere to be found.

“The mother was found in a pool of her own blood while the baby was found dead on a bed. The grandmother was also found on the floor lying on her right side. We are still searching for the doctor. The family has even refused to come forward after reporting the case,” a police source said.

The case was transferred from the Elemoro Police Division at Ibeju-Lekki to the Department of Criminal Investigation, Panti, Yaba.

When Saturday PUNCH contacted Dr. Owolabi on the phone to get his side of this story, he said his lawyer would be in a position to tell the story better.

“I don’t want to say what I did not do,” he said.

Asked to explain what actually happened during the delivery and why he was on the run, Dr. Owolabi said, “I am not on the run. That is a lie. I was never arrested and I am not aware that the case is now at Panti (DCI). I cannot say anything further.”

The police believe that Dr. Owolabi works with the Government Health Centre at Arapaji Village, Ibeju-Lekki but explained that the case has been stalled because the family seemed not to be interested in it.

Culled From Punch

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