Vic O talks about JayZ Collabo and Meek Mill Drake diss song!

Vic O talks about JayZ Collabo and Meek Mill Drake diss song!

Vic O diss song!

Whatever what Vic O is smoking,i want some of it! Can you believe this guy?Vic O first came to promine on Youtube about 4 years ago when he posted a hilarious song and video "After party" on youtube..and since then,the brother has just got bigger and bigger,well,in his own mind at least.Vic O recently released a diss track for Meel Mill and Drake,he
actually got 5,000 retweets in order to release that song.
While on  Channels TV programme,Rubbing Minds this afternoon the rapper(can i call him that?) addressed some issues from his purported collabo with Jay Z,Donjazzy and his Drake,Meek Mill diss track..When asked if he was really going to collaborate with Jay Z,he said 
 Jay Z's younger brother contacted me for a collaboration i couldn't get more info because I misplaced my phone.Jay Z's younger brother told me he needs me on a track with him (Jay Z).He had seen my work online

Vic O Nigerian rapper

On why he dissed Drake and Meek Mill, he said
I dissed Drake and Meek Mill because they were fooling themselves .They are supposed to be friends in this hiphop rap world.
On if he used it for fame,he said  ...

.Not all all,I am famous .I might not be famous like that in my country.I am famous in Europe,UK.and the USA

Vic O Nigerian superstar his mind :)
On who he plans to work with apart from Jay Z,Vic O who said Donjazzy is his fan replied   
I'm looking forward to working with R Kelly, Nicki Minaj ,Eminem,Twista .
Asked to rate himself on the scale of 10,he said
If I was to rate myself 0-10, I would rate myself Max - more than 10
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