Watch 2 Nigerian women Fight disgracefully in London Publicly!

Watch 2 Nigerian women Fight disgracefully in London Publicly!

 2 Nigerian Yoruba women Fight in London Publicly!

Two Yoruba women were caught up in a disgraceful public fight in London,United Kingdom.The ladies were publicly screaming and hurling obscenities at each other.This is not the first time we have seen videos of two Nigerian women fighting in London publicly,but i think this is probably the most disgraceful one i have seen.Judging from the video and what was being said,it was rather hard to determine what was the cause of the fight.Probably a man as usual,because one of the women,in fact the main woman who was the culprit i should say,was calling the other an Ashewo,that her business
was finished and she would expose her.She also called the woman a witch.To be fair the other woman  not very vocal and didn't say too much.But the main culprit would just not keep quiet.She kept saying she would expose the woman.She also threatened to call the police,in fact she was seen dialing a number on her phone.She said the other woman had no passport and her children had no passports either.

This is the other woman involved in the fight,the quiet one.


A passing Nigerian man who was also a Yoruba man was heard saying they have no shame,the woman heard the man but continued with her abuse and screams.

Her son was present with her,but that didn't seem to deter her.People were passing by and stopping to look and stare but made no difference to the main woman who was screaming and shouting.
The funny thing is,although what she was saying was predominantly in Yoruba,she made sure everyone understood her because she kept interpreting what she said in English...
Watch the video below..i wish i could say enjoy,but you'd probably cringe and be embarrassed watching this.

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