Why God won't bless Abacha even though Babangida wants him to!

Why God won't bless Abacha even though Babangida wants him to!

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This really shows how selfish some Nigerians and Babangida in particular are.Everyone knows how Abacha ruined Nigeria,all the billions of dollars he stole that is still being recovered.But because he saved Babangida's life,God should bless him right? How about the lives of the millions of Nigerians he destroyed? If a man spends or steals the money that was meant for good roads and good hospitals,and people die as a result,who do you think killed them? If there is truly a God,he would surely not bless Sani Abacha!
The Former Military Head of State Ibrahim Babangida praised late former military head of state Sani Abacha who he said saved him from being killed during the Gideon
Orkar coup in 1990 which was plotted to oust him from government.

Major Gideon Orkar and his men who led the 1990 coup.

Babangida said this while speaking with journalist in Minna, Niger state ahead of his 74th birthday today August 17th.

“I can remember fairly well that I had some loyal officers who were supposed to be protectors and bodyguards attached to me. Initially, they said I should move and I told them no, I was not leaving Dodan Barracks. But they remained hard up and very tensed, but very resilient. Later, I carried my family outside Dodan Barracks and joined my guards in battle. So we went out of Dodan Barracks to a safe house where we got in contact with loyal troops. May God bless General Sani Abacha. Sani Abacha was then the Chief of Army Staff. We got in touch with him and told him what was happening and he came down. We talked on what we should do. We rallied round loyal troops and I left my safe house and joined Abacha in his house and that was what happened.”he said

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