Yemisi Wada ,FFK's ex comes after Encomium for slanderous story of affairs!

Yemisi Wada ,FFK's ex comes after Encomium for slanderous story of affairs!

Yemisi Wada ex wife of Fani Kayode comes after Encomium for slanderous story of affairs!

Yemisi Wada ex wife of Fani Kayode comes after Encomium for slanderous story of affairs!

For you to understand what is going on in the very angry debacle between Femi Fani-Kayode's ex wife, Yemisi Wada, and a reporter from Encomium Magazine, you would need some backstory.

So recently, a story went viral where a ‘certain friend’ who claims to be close to Yemisi, spilled jaw-breaking details of her ex-husband’s alleged sordid past, including rumors he slept with his own blood mother.You can see the (Yemisi Wada and Fani Kayode story here if you missed it.)

In reacting to the controversial report, Yemisi released a statement distancing herself from the article and the so called ‘camp of friends’ who leaked the inside secrets but issuing a statement wasn’t enough for Yemisi Wada.

She has now launched an attack on tabloid magazine Encomium, for publishing the article

along with an alleged interview they conducted with another ‘close friend’ of hers who spilled unflattering details about her personal life, including claims that Yemisi sleeps around with young boys.

In response to the ugly and controversial gossip by ‘her friend’, Yemisi rang up Encomium Magazine to blast the reporter who ran the story.

Now you know the backstory, check out the conversation that transpired between the two after the jump:

Rings reporter…

You sent me a text about the rubbish story and you have called for my reaction. I thought you people do your investigative journalism or you are just a paper for hire. You know that Chief Fani-Kayode or Olukayode, whatever his name is, is the person that writes for that Point Blank blog. I just read it from their site now. Do you not do your investigative journalism to ask what the source of that rubbish story is? Do you want to publish and blackmail people? You have people who sponsor your magazine.

We are not blackmailing anybody, madam.
No, it sounds like that. You either respond or we write what we heard from you. The first thing is do you check out if the source of the story is credible? I have five children. My daughter just got married. This blog that has this star ex-husband of mine on its board wrote a story that I am having an extra marital affair, I’m this, I’m that. My father is this and that. You didn’t bother to ask him that is it not suspicious that your name is on the board of this so-called blog. They don’t have contact address, they don’t have contact number and you are ready to re-publish that story, without hearing from me. Is that how you became such a great magazine?

Yemisi Wada ,FFK's ex comes after Encomium for slanderous story of affairs!
Femi Fani Kayode.
(Cuts in) Madam, that is why we called you and even sent a text to you.
Is that how you allow somebody to persecute a woman because of what? Is it not just persecution, you have my name out there. I am married, I have children, you are now writing that I am having an affair with young boys. I am doing this and doing that, all for no reason because you are on the board of a disgusting blog that has no address with a fake number.

You guys have a lot to lose. They don’t have anything to lose. That is why they can write anything. But you cannot do that because you are ENCOMIUM magazine. You are known not only in Nigeria, people in the diaspora run after your magazine. You can’t just publish anything of public disgust. You have a better pedigree than all these other magazines. That is why I am calling you back.

Thank you, madam.
I am also calling you back because I got the impression that you are a woman from your name and I am thinking we need to watch each other’s back.

I am not a woman. I am a man.You are a man, sorry. I thought you are a woman from your name. I am sure you have a wife and sisters.

Madam, are you aware of the story in another blog about Chief Fani-Kayode where they alleged he slept with his mother and that he was a drug addict and so on.
Yes, I am aware and they are making it look like I wrote that story. Again, when it was posted on some faceless blog, I twitted. I sent them an email that the story has nothing to do with me. They pulled down the story and sent an apology to me.

But I wished I hadn’t done that because this same Point Blank is a useless blog. It has now taken the story as if I wrote it. I will never insult anybody’s mother and I don’t have that type of friend that will say a thing like that about another person’s mother. I wasn’t raised like that. Until I met him (Fani-Kayode), I didn’t know that anybody could be abusing people’s mothers and fathers. I wasn’t raised like that and I wrote that. Now, this Point Blank blog which is part of what is upsetting me now has written it as if I wrote about him. That I could have said I didn’t see any bad thing about him. He is allowed to tag me, saying all these things about me.

But I am going to ignore it and I am going to ignore him. But all I am telling you is that while they may publish it because they have no name, because they are faceless. Cowards, sadists…you guys are not like that. You guys have reputation to hold than them. That is all I have to say. Thank you. If you are going to do your investigative journalism, I think you should do it on both sides. When you see a story written by a blogger, I think you people should investigate it. Why do you start writing such rubbish about somebody? I think it’s high time some magazines began investigative journalism to defend people who are innocent, people who buy your magazine than just repeat what faceless cowards put out there. There is more to life than that. Anyhow, I think I have said enough.

But madam, are you aware that the story that was written about your extra-marital affairs with young boys was a reaction to the earlier one written about his drug addiction and sexcapades?
Yes, because they believe I wrote that, right? So, now if you are doing any investigative journalism, you can find out if I wrote it. You can use your investigative journalism to find out if I caused that to be written. You don’t need to say I was not the one that wrote it because I can say anything. I am not a coward. My problem with them is that if I want to say something, I will say it. I won’t hide behind a pseudo name. I won’t hide behind so called friends. I wouldn’t do that. I am a lawyer, I don’t need to hide behind anybody. I am a lawyer to the full core. I have no bitterness, I have no issue. That was then. All these stemmed from the fact that I said he was not allowed to come to our daughter’s wedding. That is all.

Some journalists wrote in This Day newspaper that he is a bad father and all that. I think that has been the problem with us. I have written that if he wasn’t a coward he should have addressed the journalist that wrote that. I didn’t write he was a bad father. Everybody knew he wasn’t invited to the wedding. It wasn’t a secret.

So, he should have faced the journalist rather than writing that he disowned my children, he disowned them. They are not his children, paternity test and all that. All these must have been written by somebody from his camp because all the things they wrote there, like I said, I was not raised to abuse people’s parents.

From when I was small, I have never opened my mouth to abuse somebody else’s mother. I was brought up very well. I was not brought up like that. That habit of abusing people’s parents is something I don’t know about.

When that person came out to say that they were from me, I immediately told them I will never do such a thing. I might have a problem with him, I never had problem with his mother. Even, if I had a problem with his mother, she is late. I won’t be writing disgusting things about somebody’s mother now that she is late.

I am a mother myself. I did not have any problem with his mother. So, all that the person wrote was not to his favour.

I also wrote that I will never write anything about my children and family. Whatever happens you don’t do that. So, if he is now reacting to it, making ridiculous story of how I broke up my husband’s marriage, my husband marriage was over before I even met my husband. So, all the stories about me having extra marital affairs are false. Why would I? I have two young sons. Where is the extra marital affairs coming?

One of your friends, Mrs. Nike Animashaun was also mentioned in the story.
(Cuts in) What about her?

She was the one who allegedly revealed that you were having an affair with one of the boys mentioned in the story.
By the way, I did not read this story. I did read the story properly. What I read about her is that she said she didn’t know what they were talking about. She stood down the story. I don’t even understand why, out of all my friends, I have so many close friends why is it a remote friend you will quote, if it is not also part of this your…When you knew me this person was my close friend years apart and you are still quoting that person. Does that not tell you that the person doesn’t know what is current? I am not just calling for a story, I just want everything to die down as far as I am concerned. All I am saying so far I will take that rubbish on the blog, I will come against ENCOMIUM with full force because you have more reputation than these people. That is all I am saying. They are faceless cowards that don’t have any structure.

Yemisi Wada ex wife of Fani Kayode comes after Encomium for slanderous story of affairs!

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