Yet another woman dies after Butt Enhancing surgery!

Yet another woman dies after Butt Enhancing surgery!

Colombian woman dies after Butt Enhancing surgery!

Butt Enhancement
How many women have to die in this quest to get a bigger butt before women stop endangering them selves in this crazy habbit?
A 30-year-old mother of one has died after complications from surgery to put silicon padding into her butt.
Katherine Castano Orozco of Cali, Colombia, died from thrombophlebitis 20 days after the operation. The condition  typically occurs in the legs when a blood clot blocks one or more veins. The vein becomes inflamed by the blood clot, and may become warm or tender.

Surgery, trauma and prolonged activity are all causes of thrombophlebitis, according to the

Mayo Clinic.
Orozco had been bleeding, which increased over time, before her relatives realized something was seriously wrong.

The death is the 5th recorded case of a woman dying after undergoing surgery this year in Cali.
"It is a crazy thing. People are worried about their beauty and are sacrificing their health for cosmetic changes,” Fernando Gutierrez, Cali’s secretary of municipal health, told said.

He added that there is an urgent need to identify and register providers of these cosmetic operations. So far, the city has registered 340 service providers.

Source: Central European News (CEN)
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