Friday, 4 September 2015

83 year old Desmond Tutu discharged from Hospital after 2 wks

South African anti-apartheid activist and veteran cleric, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, has been discharged from hospital where he received an intravenous course of antibiotics over the past two weeks. The 83-year-old had been admitted to hospital for the second time in August for treatment of an "inflammation".

Tutu has been receiving treatment for a recurring infection unrelated to the prostate cancer
he has been fighting for 18 years, his family has previously said.

A Nobel peace laureate who used the pulpit to preach against apartheid, retired from public life in 2010 but has kept speaking out in a wide range of issues, including corruption among South Africa's political elite. Atleast South Africans can relax now that he isn’t going the Mandela way yet.

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