84 yr old Russian actor Ivan Krasko marries 24 yr old Natalia Shevel

84 yr old Russian actor Ivan Krasko marries 24 yr old Natalia Shevel

The Ivan Krasko wedding would be one to remember for so many reasons.
I would really like to know how much this 84 year old Russian actor is worth,but then again maybe she is attracted to his youthful goodlooks and the many hours they spend in bed being romantic,right?
An 84-year-old Legendary Russian actor  Ivan Krasko, famous for more than 140 roles in Soviet and Russian films has married his 24 year old fiancée Natalia Shevel who used to be
one of his student, in a secret ceremony attended by family and very few friends.

He announced that he plans to start a family with his new 24 year old wife as soon as possible.
84 year old actor marries 34 year old model

Despite criticism from many, with world headlines of 84 year old man marries 24 year old bride,Ivan described their relationship in an interview with Russian media as a 'match made in heaven'.

Ivan Krasko wife

84 year old Mr Krasko, a father of 6 who has been married 3 times before, will turn 85 in two weeks and added that the relationship prior to their marriage had remained platonic, but he now hopes they will have a family together as they 'both wanted children' and that there was a mutual attraction between them both

Ivan Krasko marriage

The grandfather-of-three said: 'Naturally she has some worries about the future, but for me this is an exciting new time in my life.'

He said he had not yet met his 24 year old brides family, although she had been introduced to his sons.

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